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Yu Zhong, the Black Dragon, is one of the most fearsome fighters in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

He has all the abilities an EXP laner could ask for. His passive, Cursing Touch, provides a lot of lifesteal. Dragon Tail and Soul Grip effectively activate his passive and deal decent damage.

Both his Furious Drive and ultimate Black Dragon Form are great gap-closing and crowd control spells. Additionally, his ultimate is one of the best initiation skills in the Land of Dawn. It also enhances the range of his abilities.

If you see him on the opposing team, consider picking one of these strong counters against him.

Give Yu Zhong a hard time with these 3 Mobile Legends heroes


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang skin, E-girl Wanwan
Credit: Moonton

Wanwan is possibly the best marksman to counter Yu Zhong. Using this cat-quick hero, you can easily evade or chase the dragon if you have enough attack speed, thanks to her Tiger Pace passive.

You can remove the airborne and knock-back effects from Furious Drive and his Black Dragon Form by activating Needles in the Flowers. At the same time, Swallow’s Path is a good skill to use to immobilize him while in Dragonoid form.

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To reduce his lifesteal, purchase Sea Halberd, a viable offensive item for Wanwan, for it grants attack speed.

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang skin, Shura Hayabusa
Credit: Moonton

Sharing the same qualities as Wanwan, Hayabusa is an agile hero who poses a threat to Yu Zhong.

With this assassin, you can run away from Yu Zhong by dodging his abilities using the Ninjutsu: Quad Shadow. Poke him repeatedly with Ninjutsu: Phantom Shuriken before delivering the killing blow with Ougi: Shadow Kill.

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You can also use the Shadow Kill to attack him while being invulnerable. Consider buying Sea Halberd if your team lacks anti-lifesteal capabilities.


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Baxia Ba-Tender skin wallpaper
Credit: Moonton

The ultimate anti-healing hero, Baxia can render Yu Zhong’s lifesteal ability almost useless due to his passive, Baxia Mark.

As soon as he casts Black Dragon Form, activate the Tortoise’s Puissance ultimate and follow him. Use Baxia-Shield Unity and Shield of Spirit to chase and slow him down when he tries to escape or go for your allies.

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What’s more, Baxia synergizes extremely well with Dominance Ice, a solid anti-regen defensive item that stacks with his passive, so always remember to purchase this core item.

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