Phoveus is a Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero who thrives against enemy heroes who love to move around.

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His ultimate, Demonic Force, allows him to leap onto nearby enemy heroes who use blink or dash skills and deal devastating blows.

His passive, Demonic Intuition, enhances this ultimate even more by progressively reducing Demonic Force’s with each enemy dash or blink around him.

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If Phoveus is on the opposing team, certain heroes can make it tough for him during the laning phase, preventing him from snowballing late into the game. Here are three heroes who can stop him.

Pick these three heroes to counter Phoveus in Mobile Legends


As one of the hardest heroes to kill in the EXP lane, Esmeralda proves to be a strong choice against the Shadow of the Dread.

She ignores shield effects and can also generate a shield herself, an important skill when up against Phoveus who generates a shield with each skill.

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Additionally, Esmeralda lacks any blink or dash skills except for her ultimate and can cast abilities while moving, making it challenging for Phoveus to land Astaros Eye.

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In this matchup, you’ll only need Dominance Ice and Athena’s Shield. The latter helps mitigate some of his damage, as he scales with magic damage in all his skills.


Similar to Esmeralda, Cici has the capability to move while using her skills, making it difficult for Phoveus to land his abilities.

She can circle around him without even having to use her second skill. Plus, Yo-yo Blitz deals a ton of damage, especially at full stacks.

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An experienced Cici player will have no problem poking the Shadow of Dread in the laning phase.

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Build War Axe and Brute Force Breastplate for this matchup, as you’ll need all the movement speed and damage you can get.

If you’re struggling in the mid to late game and Phoveus opts for damage items, consider building either Oracle or Athena’s Shield for survivability.


What makes X.Borg a good counter is his ability to sustain himself and maintain decent defensive stats even after his Firaga Armor is destroyed, despite relying on dash skills with Last Insanity.

The key strategy here is to frequently use Fire Missiles to pressure Phoveus into tower hugging during the laning phase.

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If he retaliates, X.Borg can pick up Firaga Supplies to replenish his health and armor. This strategy should be used until reaching level four, at which point X.Borg can execute Phoveus with Last Insanity if his health is below 50% and he’s at maximum temperature stacks.

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For this matchup, prioritize building War Axe and Brute Force Breastplate. If ahead, consider Ice Queen Wand; otherwise, opt for defensive items like Immortality if the game is close.

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