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The land of the free, a redesigned trophy, and Lil Nas X — Worlds 2022 is looking to be pretty epic!

After two years of practicing a hybrid bubble setup due to the COVID-19 pandemic, LoL Esports is heading to the streets of North America for this year’s League of Legends World Championship. The tournament will run for more than a month, kicking off in Mexico and concluding in California.

Ahead of the tournament, Riot Games teamed up with luxury jeweler Tiffany & Co. to give the iconic Summoner’s Cup championship trophy a modern look and a more ergonomic form using “sterling silver, fine silver, stainless steel, brass, and wood” according to the video game company.

Before the winning team lifts the redesigned trophy, American pop star and Montero singer Lil Nas X will grace the Finals stage on November 5 to perform the official Worlds 2022 anthem, Star Walkin’.

We know you’re dying for the tournament to begin, so here’s everything you need to know about League of Legends Worlds 2022, including its full schedule, participating teams, format, prize pool, and where to watch its livestreams.

What is League of Legends Worlds 2022?

Worlds is the annual League of Legends World Championship. It is organized by developers Riot Games, and it is the largest global tournament in LoL esports.

This year, a total of 24 teams from around the globe will compete for the coveted Summoner’s Cup championship trophy, the lion’s share of over US$2 million prize pool, and the 12th world championship title.

Worlds 2022 schedule, standings, and results

Worlds 2022 theme "One and Only"
Credit: Riot Games

Worlds 2022 will take place from September 29 to November 5.

The Play-Ins Stage will run from September 29 to October 4, while Group Stage will run from October 7 to 10, and 13 to 16. All dates and times are in GMT, GMT+8, and PST.

The Knockout Stage is scheduled as follows:

  • Quarterfinals: October 20 to 23
  • Semifinals: October 29 to 30
  • Grand final: November 5

Worlds 2022 Knockout Stage quarterfinals brackets drawn
Credit: Riot Games

Quarterfinals results

Day 1

Rogue0 — 3JD Gaming

Day 2

T13 — 0Royal Never Give Up

Day 3

DWG KIA2 — 3Gen.G

Day 4

Edward Gaming2 — 3DRX

Semifinals results

Day 1

T13 — 1JD Gaming

Day 2

Gen.G1 — 3DRX

Finals results

T12 — 3DRX

Group Stage standings

T1 (5-1)JD Gaming (6-1)DRX (5-2)Gen.G (6-1)
Edward Gaming (4-2)DWG KIA (5-2)Rogue (4-3)Royal Never Give Up (5-2)
Fnatic (2-4)Evil Geniuses (1-5)Top Esports (3-3)100 Thieves (1-5)
Cloud9 (1-5)G2 Esports (1-5)GAM Esports (1-5)CTBC Flying Oyster (1-5)

Group Stage schedule and results

Day 1

Cloud90 — 1Fnatic
G2 Esports0 — 1DWG KIA
CTBC Flying Oyster1 — 0100 Thieves
JD Gaming1 — 0Evil Geniuses
T11 — 0Edward Gaming
Gen.G0 — 1Royal Never Give Up

Day 2

Rogue1 — 0DRX
G2 Esports1 — 0Evil Geniuses
T10 — 1Fnatic
Edward Gaming1 — 0Cloud9
Top Esports1 — 0GAM Esports
DWG KIA0 — 1JD Gaming

Day 3

GAM Esports0 — 1Rogue
100 Thieves0 — 1Gen.G
Edward Gaming1 — 0Fnatic
T11 — 0Cloud9
CTBC Flying Oyster0 — 1Royal Never Give Up
Top Esports0 — 1DRX

Day 4

JD Gaming1 — 0G2 Esports
Rogue1 — 0Top Esports
DWG KIA1 — 0Evil Geniuses
100 Thieves0 — 1Royal Never Give Up
Gen.G1 — 0CTBC Flying Oyster
GAM Esports0 — 1DRX

Day 5

Cloud91 — 0Fnatic
T11 — 0Fnatic
Cloud90 — 1Edward Gaming
Fnatic0 — 1Edward Gaming
T11 — 0Cloud9
Edward Gaming0 — 1T1

T1 and Edward Gaming advance to the Worlds 2022 quarterfinals.

Day 6

G2 Esports0 — 1Evil Geniuses
JD Gaming1 — 0Evil Geniuses
DWG KIA1 — 0G2 Esports
G2 Esports0 — 1JD Gaming
DWG KIA1 — 0Evil Geniuses
JD Gaming0 — 1DWG KIA
JD Gaming*1 — 0DWG KIA

JD Gaming and DWG KIA advance to the Worlds 2022 quarterfinals.
*Tiebreaker for first place

Day 7

Rogue1 — 0GAM Esports
GAM Esports1 — 0Top Esports
Rogue0 — 1DRX
GAM Esports0 — 1DRX
Top Esports1 — 0Rogue
Top Esports1 — 0DRX
DRX*1 — 0Rogue

Rogue and DRX advance to the Worlds 2022 quarterfinals.
*Tiebreaker for first place

Day 8

100 Thieves1 — 0CTBC Flying Oyster
CTBC Flying Oyster0 — 1Gen.G
100 Thieves0 — 1Royal Never Give Up
Gen.G1 — 0100 Thieves
CTBC Flying Oyster0 — 1Royal Never Give Up
Royal Never Give Up0 — 1Gen.G
Gen.G*1 — 0Royal Never Give Up

Royal Never Give Up and Gen.G advance to the Worlds 2022 quarterfinals.
*Tiebreaker for first place

Play-In Stage standings

Fnatic (4-1)DRX (5-0)
Evil Geniuses (5-2)Royal Never Give Up (4-1)
LOUD (3-3)MAD Lions (3-2)
DetonatioN FocusMe (3-3)Saigon Buffalo (2-3)
Beyond Gaming (2-3)Isurus (1-4)
Chiefs Esports Club (0-5)Istanbul Wildcats (0-5)

Play-Ins schedule and results

Day 1

Isurus0 — 1MAD Lions
Fnatic1 — 0Evil Geniuses
LOUD0 — 1Beyond Gaming
MAD Lions1 — 0Istanbul Wildcats
Chiefs Esports Club0 — 1Fnatic
DetonatioN FocusMe0 — 1LOUD
Saigon Buffalo1 — 0Istanbul Wildcats
DRX1 — 0Royal Never Give Up

Day 2

Fnatic1 — 0DetonatioN FocusMe
Evil Geniuses1 — 0LOUD
Saigon Buffalo1 — 0Isurus
DetonatioN FocusMe1 — 0Chiefs Esports Club
Evil Geniuses1 — 0Beyond Gaming
DRX1 — 0Saigon Buffalo
MAD Lions0 — 1Royal Never Give Up
Istanbul Wildcats0 — 1DRX

Day 3

LOUD1 — 0Fnatic
MAD Lions1 — 0Saigon Buffalo
Beyond Gaming0 — 1DetonatioN FocusMe
Evil Geniuses1 — 0Chiefs Esports Club
Royal Never Give Up1 — 0Isurus
Chiefs Esports Club0 — 1Beyond Gaming
Royal Never Give Up1 — 0Istanbul Wildcats
Isurus0 — 1DRX

Day 4

Beyond Gaming0 — 1Fnatic
LOUD1 — 0Chiefs Esports Club
DetonatioN FocusMe1 — 0Evil Geniuses
Istanbul Wildcats0 — 1Isurus
DRX1 — 0MAD Lions
Royal Never Give Up1 — 0Saigon Buffalo
Evil Geniuses1 — 0DetonatioN FocusMe
LOUD0 — 1Evil Geniuses

Fnatic and DRX have qualified for the Worlds 2022 Group Stage.

Day 5

Saigon Buffalo1 — 3MAD Lions
DetonatioN FocusMe3 — 1LOUD

Day 6

Evil Geniuses3 — 0MAD Lions
Royal Never Give Up3 — 1DetonatioN FocusMe

Evil Geniuses and Royal Never Give Up have qualified for the Group Stage.

Format of Worlds 2022

LoL Worlds 2022 dates announcement
Credit: Riot Games

The competition has three stages: Play-In Stage, Group Stage, and the Knockout Stage.

Play-In Stage

All 12 participating teams have been divided into two groups of six during the draw show. The first seed of CBLOL, LJL, LCO, LLA, and TCL, the second seed of PCS and VCS, the third seed of LCS and LEC, and the fourth seed of LCK, LEC, and LPL regions are among the 12.

The top team of each group immediately qualifies for the Group Stage.

The second, third, and fourth-placed teams in each group will advance to the second round of Play-Ins, where matches will be played in best-of-fives. Two winners will advance to the Group Stage.

Group Stage

A total of 16 teams, including the four that qualified from the Play-In Stage, have been drawn into four groups of four (A, B, C, and D).

Among these Group Stage teams are the first and second seed of LCK, LPL, LEC, and LCS regions, and the first seed of PCS and VCS.

The Group Stage will be played in a double round-robin best-of-one format. The top two teams in each group will advance to the Knockout Stage while the bottom two teams will be eliminated.

Knockout Stage

The remaining eight teams will play in a single-elimination bracket where first placed-teams will face off second-placed teams from another group in a best-of-five series.

Worlds 2022 patch

Worlds 2022 will be played on patch 12.18.

Teams competing at Worlds 2022

Since the CIS region (League of Legends Continental League) will not be able to send a representative to Worlds 2022, Riot Games has granted the European league (LEC) a fourth slot.

LEC “has had the best performance during international events over the past two years, but does not already have four team berths” according to an official statement by LoL Esports.

LCK (Korea)Gen.G
LCS (North America)100 Thieves
Evil Geniuses
LEC (Europe)G2 Esports
MAD Lions
LPL (China)Top Esports
JD Gaming
Edward Gaming
Royal Never Give Up
PCS (Pacific Asia)CTBC Flying Oyster
Beyond Gaming
LJL (Japan)DetonatioN FocusMe
TCL (Turkey)Istanbul Wildcats
VCS (Vietnam)Saigon Buffalo
GAM Esports
LLA (Latin America)Isurus
LCO (Oceania)The Chiefs

Where will Worlds 2022 be held?

Teams at Worlds 2019 in Paris, France
Credit: Riot Games

League of Legends Worlds 2022 will be held in the following venues, touring parts of North America:

Play-InsArena Esports Stadium at Artz Pedregal in Mexico City, Mexico
GroupsHulu Theater in Madison Square Garden in New York City
QuarterfinalsHulu Theater in Madison Square Garden in New York City
SemifinalsState Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia
FinalsChase Center in San Francisco, California

Worlds 2022 prize pool

Worlds 2022’s initial prize pool is US$2,225,000.

3-4$178,000JD Gaming
Royal Never Give Up
Edward Gaming
Top Esports
11-14$52,843.75Evil Geniuses
G2 Esports
100 Thieves
CTBC Flying Oyster
GAM Esports
17-18$38,937.50MAD Lions
DetonatioN FocusMe
19-20$33,375Saigon Buffalo
21-22$22,250Beyond Gaming
23-24$16,687.50Chief Esports Club
Istanbul Wildcats

Where to watch Worlds 2022?

Worlds 2021 trophy
Credit: Riot Games/Getty Images

League of Legends esports fans can watch the 2022 World Championship matches live on Riot Games’ official channels on Twitch and YouTube.

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