The world of League of Legends offers a vast collection of skins to customize your favorite champions.

But for some players, the standard offerings won’t do. They desire the rarest, most feature-rich options that truly set them apart on the battlefield and covet the most expensive League skins.

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These cosmetics transcend mere visual upgrades, often boasting unique animations, evolving effects, and even narrative elements.

Obtaining them requires significant investment through hard-earned in-game currency. But for the dedicated collector seeking an unparalleled champion experience, the allure of these premium skins is undeniable.

So, buckle up as we delve into the world of the most expensive League skins, explaining what makes them so special and why they command such a high price tag.

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9 most expensive League skins that will leave a gaping hole in your wallet

Pulsefire Ezreal (3,250 RP)

Pulsefire Ezreal splash art in League of Legends
Credit: Riot Games

Warp through time and bend reality with Pulsefire Ezreal, an ultimate skin and one of the most expensive League skins at 3,250 RP. Ezreal ditches his explorer’s garb for a sleek, high-tech suit that screams futuristic power.

This paragon of time travel boasts glowing blue accents and an arsenal of gadgets that would make even Heimerdinger jealous.

As Ezreal levels up, his suit evolves, showcasing upgrades and increased power.

Spirit Guard Udyr (3,250 RP)

Spirit Guard Udyr splash art in League of Legends
Credit: Riot Games

In his Spirit Guard Udyr skin, the spirit walker transcends his mortal form, becoming a conduit for the spirits of the wild.

His physique is honed and adorned with tribal markings, while his connection to the animal spirits is manifested in swirling energy.

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Each of Udyr’s stances — Tiger, Bear, Turtle, and Phoenix — is visually distinct, with the corresponding spirit forming a spectral companion that fights alongside him.

Their attacks and effects are imbued with the essence of their animal, creating a visually stunning display of untamed power.

Priced at a hefty 3,250 RP, Spirit Guard Udyr is considered one of the most expensive League skins. However, for many players, the transformation effects it offers are well worth the investment.

DJ Sona (3,250 RP)

DJ Sona splash art
Credit: Riot Games

In her DJ Sona skin, the Demacian champion ditches her ethereal look for a sleek DJ booth complete with spinning turntables and pumping speakers. The real magic, however, lies in her ability to take control of the soundscape.

Throughout the game, Sona can switch between three unique music styles: Kinetic, Concussive, and Ethereal.

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Each style alters her appearance, from Kinetic’s vibrant colors to Ethereal’s ethereal glow. Not only do the visuals change, but so does the music itself.

Sona’s abilities and attacks become infused with the chosen style’s theme, creating a dynamic and immersive soundscape for both Sona and her teammates.

It’s more than a skin — it’s a full-on audiovisual experience for 3,250 RP.

Elementalist Lux (3,250 RP)

Elementalist Lux skin loading screen in League of Legends featuring the champion's Light form
Credit: Riot Games

Master the very essence of magic with Elementalist Lux, an ultimate skin for 3,250 RP.

Lux begins the game as a radiant sorceress, wielding pure light magic. As she gathers energy through combat, she unlocks the power to transform into different elemental forms.

You can unleash the fury of Fire Lux, become the embodiment of healing Water Lux, or command the earth with Nature Lux.

Each form boasts unique abilities, spell effects, and voice lines, offering a dynamic and ever-changing experience. The choice is yours — will you dominate with fiery blasts, control the battlefield with earthen defenses, or offer life-giving restoration?

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K/DA All Out Seraphine (3,250 RP)

K/DA All Out Seraphine splash art in League of Legends
Credit: Riot Games

Experience the rise of a pop icon with K/DA All Out Seraphine, one of the most expensive League skins priced at 3,250 RP. This unique offering goes beyond just cosmetics, chronicling Seraphine’s journey from bedroom artist to chart-topping superstar.

Begin as “Indie Seraphine,” a bright-eyed dreamer with a casual outfit and heartfelt melodies. As you complete in-game missions, you’ll unlock “Rising Star Seraphine,” showcasing a bolder look and a more confident musical style.

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Finally, conquer the stage as “Superstar Seraphine,” dazzling in a glamorous outfit and belting out powerful anthems.

Each form features distinct visuals, music, and voice lines, letting you experience Seraphine’s evolution firsthand. Plus, the more allies around you, the richer the music becomes, truly capturing the power of collaboration.

Soul Fighter Samira (3,250 RP)

Soul Fighter Samira skin splash art in League of Legends
Credit: Riot Games

Unleash your inner champion with Soul Fighter Samira, an ultimate skin priced at 3,250 RP.

Samira dons a sleek outfit accented with glowing energy coils. Her every move is imbued with power, with her attacks leaving trails of shimmering light and her ultimate ability evolving with each rank, showcasing the true potential of a Soul Fighter.

While Soul Fighter Samira lacks the form-shifting aspects of some ultimate skins, it boasts a wealth of unique animations, particle effects, and a growing sense of power that reflects her mastery over the fight.

Risen Legend Ahri (5,430 RP)

Risen Legend Ahri splash art in League of Legends
Credit: Riot Games

At 5,430 RP (roughly US$45), the Risen Legend Ahri skin is the most affordable option within the Hall of Legends 2024 featured collections.

This skin pays homage to legendary esports player Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok’s favorite champion, Ahri. Clad in a striking red, white, and gold color scheme with crimson-tipped tails, this skin offers a unique look for Ahri.

Immortalized Legend Ahri (32,430 RP)

Immortalized Legend Ahri splash art in League of Legends
Credit: Riot Games

Offered at a significantly higher price point of 32,430 RP (approximately US$250), the Immortalized Legend Ahri skin is a much more premium option compared to Risen Legend Ahri.

This skin boasts a dramatic transformation for Ahri, featuring sleek white hair and a sophisticated black dress.

The most striking feature, however, is the evolution of her nine tails. Each tail comes alive, sporting its own head, creating a truly unique and awe-inspiring visual effect.

Signature Immortalized Legend Ahri (59,260 RP)

Signature Immortalized Legend Collection featuring Faker Ahri skin bundle
Credit: Riot Games

The crown jewel of the Hall of Legends 2024 Faker bundle is undoubtedly the Signature Immortalized Legend Ahri skin, the most expensive League skin ever released.

This prestigious offering, priced at a staggering 59,260 RP (approximately US$450), allows you to experience Ahri in her most magnificent form yet, inspired by the legendary Korean esports player Faker.

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It goes beyond the standard Immortalized Legend Ahri skin, incorporating exclusive features like an animation of Faker’s signature move and a special finisher emblazoned with his digital autograph.

This is truly one-of-a-kind skin for the most dedicated Ahri and Faker fans.

Pulsefire EzrealUltimate3,250 RP
Spirit Guard UdyrUltimate3,250 RP
DJ SonaUltimate3,250 RP
Elementalist LuxUltimate3,250 RP
K/DA All Out SeraphineUltimate3,250 RP
Soul Fighter SamiraUltimate3,250 RP
Risen Legend AhriTranscendent5,430 RP
Immortalized Legend AhriTranscendent32,430 RP
Signature Immortalized Legend AhriTranscendent59,260 RP

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