In League of Legends, esports legends are born and celebrated. One such legend is Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok, a player whose name has become synonymous with skill and dominance.

Faker’s champion pool is vast, but his true signature champion is the captivating nine-tailed fox spirit, Ahri.

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The Hall of Legends 2024 event celebrates Faker’s legacy, and a central focus is a series of special Hall of Legends Ahri skins. These skins not only honor Faker’s achievements but also showcase the unique bond between the legendary player and his most trusted champion.

Hall of Legends 2024 event in League of Legends official key visual featuring Faker
Credit: ONE Esports, Riot Games
Hall of Legends 2024 event in LoL: Release date, Faker skins, prices, and more

Let’s take a closer look at all Hall of Legends Ahri skins, listing down each collection’s content, price, and release date.

What is Hall of Legends in League of Legends?

In League of Legends, the Hall of Legends is essentially an “Esports Hall of Fame” established to honor the greatest pro players who have significantly impacted the game and the entire esports scene.

A panel of esports veterans and experts from all regions casts the deciding votes. They consider various criteria, including the player’s participation in international competitions (international berths), championship wins on both the international and regional stage (titles), their individual stats specific to their champion role, and lastly, their overall impact on the entire sport.

SKT Telecom T1 Faker at Worlds 2013 posing at the Staples Center in ONE Esports featured image for article "Faker’s full list of podium finishes throughout his long League of Legends career"
Credit: ONE Esports, Riot Games
Faker’s full list of podium finishes throughout his long League of Legends career

For those chosen, the Hall of Legends program offers a multitude of ways to celebrate their achievements. Inductees receive a special trophy commemorating their legendary status.

Additionally, a dedicated in-game event is held on Summoner’s Rift battlefield to honor them. This event includes a commemorative game pass, allowing fans to participate in the celebration.

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Furthermore, special collections featuring cosmetic items are made available, offering fans a way to express their admiration and support. These items are designed to reflect the inductee’s career highlights and iconic moments.

The Hall of Legends program ensures that both the inductees and their teams are rewarded for their dedication. A portion of the revenue generated from the sale of game passes and item collections is shared with the chosen player and their team, acknowledging their well-deserved recognition.

Hall of Legends Ahri release date

Hall of Legends Ahri skin collections release on June 12, 2024.

Hall of Legends Ahri skins: Which Faker bundle is the best?

The Hall of Legends 2024 event celebrates legendary player Faker with three special bundles featuring Ahri, his most iconic champion.

Here’s a breakdown of each Faker bundle to help you decide which one’s the best for you.

Risen Legend Collection (5,430 RP)

Risen Legend Ahri splash art in League of Legends
Credit: Riot Games

This budget-friendly option comes with the Risen Legend Ahri skin, which depicts Ahri in red, white, and gold with white tails tipped red.

You’ll also get the Hall of Legends Pass and a unique takedown counter taunt animation where the number “1” flashes above Ahri’s head.

Immortalized Legend Collection (32,430 RP)

Immortalized Legend Ahri splash art in League of Legends
Credit: Riot Games

This collection offers Immortalized Legend Ahri, a more premium skin featuring Ahri with white hair and a black dress.

Notably, all nine of her tails transform and come alive bearing their own heads.

This Faker bundle boasts more special effects, transformations, and even a custom announcer voice. It also includes the Risen Legend Collection, essentially giving you two skins for the price of one.

Signature Immortalized Legend Collection (59,260 RP)

Signature Immortalized Legend Collection featuring Faker Ahri skin bundle
Credit: Riot Games

This top-tier collection offers the most features. It includes the Immortalized Legend Ahri skin with additional upgrades like an animation of Faker’s signature move and a special finisher showcasing Faker’s digital autograph.

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It also comes with the other two collections (Risen Legend and Immortalized Legend), chromas for other champions (LeBlanc, Zed, Ryze, and Syndra), and a bonus 100 Hall of Legends Pass levels.

All Hall of Legends Ahri skins: Prices and complete list of content

Risen Legend Collection5,430 RP•Hall of Legends Pass
•Risen Legend Ahri Skin
•Takedown Counter Taunt
•Ahri (Champion)
•Exclusive Border
•Exclusive Icon and Emote
Immortalized Legend Collection32,430 RP•Immortalized Legend Ahri Skin
•Exclusive Structure Finisher VFX
•Exclusive Champ Finisher VFX
•Custom Visual Announcer
•Unique Skin Transformations:
3 Demon King Forms w/ unique VO
•Demon’s Chosen Transformation
w/ Demon King HUD during Ult
•Risen Legend Collection
•Holographic Immortalized Splash Art
•Dynamic Profile Background
•Immortalized Border
•Exclusive Icon and Emote
Signature Immortalized Legend Collection59,260 RP•Signature Ahri Skin Upgrades:
Faker’s Signature Move (Ctrl+5)
Faker’s Structure Finisher
•“Final Boss Faker” Title
•Signature Immortalized Border
•Signature Banner
•Signature Splash Art
(Ahri and LeBlanc)
•Immortalized Legend Collection
•100 Pass Levels
•Risen Legend LeBlanc Paragon Chroma
•SKT T1 Zed, Ryze, and Syndra Paragon Chromas
•Exclusive Icon and Emote

Where to buy Hall of Legends Ahri skins

Hall of Legends Ahri skins can be purchased within the League of Legends game client.

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