Card decks are all the rage in Genshin Impact with the introduction of the Genius Invokation TCG mode.

Travelers can now build decks — featuring their favorite characters and weapons — and duel NPCs and fellow players in an intense card battle.

While the game mode has similar mechanics to the Genshin’s elemental gameplay, newcomers might not know how to dish out their best card combos.

To help you become a master dueler, we have a comprehensive list of Genius Invokation TGC guides, including the best action cards and how to play the mode and invite friends.

A complete list of Genius Invokation TGC guides

Xiangling for Genius Invokation TGC guides
Credit: HoYoverse, ONE Esports

Gameplay guides

How to play Genius Invokation TGCDetailed guide that teaches you the basic mechanics of Genius Invokation
How to unlock the mode at Cat’s Tail barLearn how to unlock the mode in-game and gain access to the Cat’s Tail, the go-to spot for card battles
How to play card battles with friendsHere’s how you can invite friends into co-op Genius Invokation matches
How to level up and earn Lucky CoinsQuick rundown of all the possible ways to level up and earn Lucky Coins for Genius Invokation
Full list of all TGC cardsComplete list of all available Genius Invokation cards by their types
How to get all character cardsTutorial on how to unlock character cards for your deck
The 5 best action cards5 purchasable action cards that you need to have in your deck
How to unlock Tavern ChallengesTest your card gameplay by unlocking these unique challenges that feature elite enemies
Genshin Impact card backs
Credit: HoYoverse, ONE Esports

Card cosmetic guides

How to buy dynamic cardsLearn how to buy dynamic cards that add style to your card gameplay
How to buy and change card backsA guide on how to decorate your cards with unique card backs

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