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While Genshin Impact players love to flaunt their dedication through a myriad of achievements, such as exploration percentage and Adventure Rank, the game’s most reputable accolade is actually the Triple Crown.

The Triple Crown in Genshin Impact is a statement, made only by those who want to become true royalty in Teyvat. At its core, the achievement is a finishing touch to your best characters, but why is that?

Here’s everything you need to know about the Triple Crown in Genshin Impact, including its definition, cost, and where to get Crowns of Insight.

What is the Triple Crown in Genshin Impact?

The Triple Crown is a term used in the Genshin community when your character has reached level 10 in all of their upgradable talents, namely auto-attack, elemental skill, and elemental burst.

The origin of the term comes from the item, Crown of Insight, which players will require to achieve talent level ten. With three talents to level up, you’ll need three Crowns of Insight, hence the term Triple Crown in Genshin Impact.

There are some constellations that level up a character’s specific talent to level 10. Unfortunately, these kinds of situations are not considered a crowned talent since no crown was used.

In cases where talents are gifted with three extra levels, a player can still crown the talent by maxing it out to level 13.

The cost of a Triple Crown in Genshin Impact

The act of Triple Crowning is not an easy task. The max talent level is locked behind six character ascensions, making you work twice as hard for the materials.

As the name suggests, the Crown of Insight is a rare item in Genshin Impact, primarily obtainable by completing major in-game events. There are only six currently obtainable Crowns in Genshin Impact, giving you a good start for two potential Triple Crowns.

Aside from the Crown, talent leveling is quite the investment. You’ll have to stock up on top-tier character materials and save a few million Mora. Yes, a few million.

Single Crown expenditures

Here’s how much it would cost to level a single talent from 1 to 10:

2-star talent material3
3-star talent material21
4-star talent material38
1-star common ascension material6
2-star common ascension material22
3-star common ascension material31
Boss-related item6
Crown of Insight1

Triple Crown expenditures

Here’s how much a Triple Crown would set you back:

2-star talent material9
3-star talent material63
4-star talent material114
1-star common ascension material18
2-star common ascension material66
3-star common ascension material93
Boss-related item18
Crown of Insight3

With a plethora of materials and Mora needed to achieve the Triple Crown in Genshin Impact, some players have opted to stay away from the trend. Reddit user Zepheredx considers the achievement as a “flex move”, but sees it as a waste of resources if the character doesn’t need the higher talent levels.

Where to get Crowns of Insight right now

You can start your first Triple Crown by grabbing the regal headpiece from two places. There are six Crowns of Insight that are permanently obtainable through Offerings:

Frostbearing Tree1Upgrade the Frostbearing Tree’s Gratitude to level 11Dragonspine, south of Mondstadt
Sacred Sakura5Upgrade the Sacred Sakura’s Favor to levels 5, 15, 25, 35, and 45Grand Narukami Shrine in Inazuma

While the online RPG can be played without the rare achievement, the Triple Crown in Genshin Impact is the perfect endgame achievement for players who want to bring out the best from their favorite characters.

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