As Genshin Impact players, we are always on the lookout for free Primogems, Mora, or experience books. In addition to the usual Seize the Day in-game login, miHoYo is introducing the HoYoLAB Daily Check-In.

HoYoLAB is miHoYo’s official community hub where players can post Genshin Impact photos, stories, questions, and even publish their own fan art.

The site’s new Check-In feature lets you claim all sorts of free stuff, from Wish essentials like Primogems to the in-game currency, Mora.

Here’s how you can get free Primogems through the new HoYoLAB Daily Check-In:

  1. Visit the HoYoLAB Home page here.
  2. Log in using your username or email and password.
  3. Click the beige calendar icon on the right side of the page to go to the Genshin Impact Daily Check-In page.
  4. Click the appropriate day to check-in.
  5. Check your in-game mail and claim your rewards for that day.
Genshin Impact, HoYoLAB, miHoYo
Credit: miHoYo

By checking in for the whole of March, you can get a total of 60 Primogems, 67,000 Mora, and 16x Fine Enhancement Ore for free!

Genshin Impact, HoYoLAB Daily Check-In rewards
Credit: miHoYo

Note that you can only check-in once a day and rewards via in-game mail will be valid for 30 days.

Additionally, you can get free Primogems from redemption codes here.

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