Valorant Champions 2022 is headed to Istanbul, Turkey, where 16 of the world’s best teams will duke it out for the biggest crown of the VCT 2022 season.

From August 31 to September 18, teams will converge in the Volkswagen Arena, alongside a live audience during the playoffs stage.

Join in on the action when you play the ONE Esports Fantasy Valorant Champions 2022 Challenge. Think you know which teams will come out on top? Tell us today.

The winner will receive 7,000 Valorant Points, which can go toward their next skin bundle.

How to play ONE Esports Fantasy Valorant Champions 2022 Challenge

To start playing, simply answer the questions below.

  1. Which 8 teams will advance to the upper bracket of the playoffs? (100 points per correct prediction) 
  2. Which 4 teams will be in the top 4? (300 points per correct prediction)
  3. Which will be the most picked agent of the tournament? (Worth 400 points) 
  4. Which team will be the Valorant Champions 2022 champion?  (Worth 1,000 points) 
  5. Wildcard: Will there be at least one ace in the grand final? (Worth 200 points)

Tiebreaker rules

If there are multiple players with the same number of points, a tiebreaker will be held. The player with the closest answers to the following questions will be declared the winner.

  1. How many games will be played in the grand final series?  
  2. What will the greatest number of deaths be for a player in the grand final series?

What’s the prize?

All winners will receive Valorant Points, which can be used to purchase in-game cosmetics in the store.

  • 1x Grand winner: 7,000 VP
  • 5x Tier 1 winners: 4,000 VP
  • 10x Tier 2 winners: 2,500 VP

Ready to pick your winners? Click here to join the ONE Esports Fantasy Challenge from August 24 to August 30.

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