Riot Games has unveiled the all-new Valorant Champions 2022 skin bundle, fully embodying what it means to be a champion.

The Valorant Champions 2022 collection also comes outfitted with unique visual effects pegged to the number of kills you have in-game, so you’ll be amply rewarded for fragging out.

This progressive kill effect was extremely challenging to develop, said Riot, and it spent almost a year developing it.

Like the previous bundle, 50 percent of net proceeds from the collection will go toward the 16 participating teams at Champions. It is also a limited edition bundle, which means that it will never return to the rotating store or Night Market.

Valorant Champions 2022 skin bundle boasts never-before-seen effects

Valorant Champions 2022 Phantom skin
Credit: Riot Games

Riot designed the bundle to reward top-tier play. Whether you’re the last man alive in a 1v5 or a pro player on broadcast, everyone watching will know when you’ve been popping off.

The bundle includes custom models for both the Phantom and butterfly knife, and two new features as part of the Champion’s Aura. This includes a visual effect that changes every five kills (it maxes out at 25), and a special Easter egg on the knife that triggers when you’re top fragging and have at least 25 kills.

In addition to the Phantom and butterfly knife, the bundle also comes with a gun buddy, player card, and spray.

When you have the most kills in the game, a gold glowing outline will show up on the knife. With every five kills, the blade’s design evolves and red crystal shards start to fill the blade, which is originally black.

Should a player have at least 25 kills and sit at the top of the scoreboard, a custom inspect animation will activate.

“With this progressive effect, the skin evolves based on your success throughout the whole match,” said Stefan Jevremovic, Art Lead on Valorant. “The player may not get to see their skin fully in every single game, but when they do, it will feel that much more satisfying.”

The Phantom also features glowing red bullets and a red muzzle flash in the shape of the VCT spark logo. When inspecting it, the Champions 2022 anthem will play, alongside a custom inspect animation. The Champions 2022 logo will glow as well with every kill.

Like the knife, the Phantom also starts off with a predominantly black body, but fills up with red shards the more kills you get.

Of course, you’ll need to fully upgrade both skins to enjoy these effects.

The bundle will cost 6,265 VP when it hits the store. It will be available from August 23 to September 21.

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