Riot Games is slowly pulling back the curtain on Valorant Agent 21’s identity.

A player card from the new Episode 5 Act 2 Battle Pass and patch 5.04’s changes to the practice range have provided more clues that hint at the nature of Agent 21’s abilities.

Late last month, details about the mysterious new agent surfaced, courtesy of an email found in the practice range in the game’s Public Beta Environment (PBE).

The email mentioned one Varun Batra, the keeper of Legion’s new power source, who could be responsible for creating bridges from Omega Earth to Alpha Earth.

New clues about Valorant Agent 21 come to light

Valorant patch 5.04 introduces a new email that once again centers around the elusive Varun Batra.

In the email, someone called Captain Greaves, seemingly one of Fade’s old associates, is giving her an update regarding Varun Batra.

“Operative Batra is no longer employed with REALM,” he said. “He is a fugitive under investigation for the theft of a priceless artifact.”

Riot Games has yet to officially announce that Varun Batra and Valorant Agent 21 are one and the same. However, since Varun Batra has been the focus of the previous two emails, chances that he is the next playable character are high.

Fade was similarly teased in emails before her release, as the Valorant Protocol set out in pursuit of her.

Greaves also warned Fade to stop inquiring any further about Batra at the end of their correspondence, further adding to the mystery surrounding the character.

Another clue can be found in Episode 5 Act 2’s Battle Pass. The Rising Tide player card hints that the new agent will have water-type abilities, in keeping with Riot’s tradition of teasing new agents in Battle Pass player cards.

The player card depicts a sphere-shaped object covered in water, which also resembles the blurred-out object on the bulletin board of the practice range. As pointed out by Twitter user Disturbo, this could actually be the artifact that was stolen by Batra.

The symbol next to the blurred-out object has also caught the attention of fans. The image looks similar to the Hamsa hand, further hinting at Agent 21’s water-based powers and abilities. According to YouTube channel Valorant Update, this is likely the Hamsa hand, with the five chakras represented by the five fingers of the hand and each finger representing a different element.

Because the only missing element in Valorant is water, many believe that the next agent will likely fill the missing gap in the Hamsa hand.

Riot Games has yet to announce the exact release date of Valorant Agent 21, but expect more clues in the upcoming patches.

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