After a long and arduous journey through the VCT 2022 season, the top 16 teams in the world are finally set to compete in Valorant Champions 2022.

Like last year’s tournament, 10 teams qualified via VCT circuit points earned through Challengers and Masters events. The other six teams in the competition are the winners of their respective regional Last Chance Qualifiers.

With reigning world champions Acend failing to qualify, a new champion will also be crowned in Istanbul. All eyes will be on Masters Copenhagen winners FunPlus Phoenix and Masters Reykajvik 2022 champions OpTic Gaming, both heavy favorites to win it all.

Valorant Champions 2022 will also see the debut of Edward Gaming, the first Chinese team to compete on Valorant’s global stage. The team took the East Asia region by storm, punching their ticket to Istanbul off the back of an incredible 9-0 undefeated streak in the LCQ.

What is Valorant Champions 2022?

FunPlus Phoenix wins Masters Copenhagen
Credit: Riot Games

Valorant Champions Istanbul is the third and final event of the VCT 2022 season. It is the biggest event of the year and the culminating tournament of the season that all teams have been working toward.

The tournament features 16 of the best Valorant teams from North America, EMEA, Latin America, East Asia, and Asia Pacific.

Valorant Champions 2022 schedule and results

Valorant Champions 2022 Group Stage Schedule
Credit: Riot Games

The tournament kicks off with the group stage from August 31 to September 8, followed by the playoffs from September 9 to 18.

Valorant Champions 2022 group stage results and standings

Valorant Champions 2022 Group Stage Bracket
Credit: Riot Games

Group A

1Leviatán2 — 0
2Team Liquid2 — 1
3Paper Rex1 — 2
4Edward Gaming0 — 2

Group B

1OpTic Gaming2 — 0
2LOUD2 — 1
3Zeta Division1 — 2
4BOOM Esports0 — 2

Group C

1XSET2 — 0
2FunPlus Phoenix2 — 1
3KRU Esports1 — 2
4XERXIA Esports0 — 2

Group D

1DRX2 — 0
2Fnatic2 — 1
3100 Thieves1 — 2
4FURIA Esports0 — 2

Group stage results

August 31

Paper Rex2 — 1Edward Gaming

September 1

Leviatán2 — 0Team Liquid
Zeta Division0 — 2LOUD
OpTic Gaming2 — 1BOOM Esports

September 2

Paper Rex0 — 2Leviatán
DRX2 — 0FURIA Esports
Fnatic1 — 2100 Thieves

September 3

OpTic Gaming2 — 1LOUD
XSET2 — 0XERXIA Esports
FunPlus Phoenix2 — 0KRU Esports

September 4

DRX2 — 0100 Thieves
BOOM Esports1 — 2Zeta Division
Edward Gaming0 — 2Team Liquid

September 5

KRU Esports2 — 1XERXIA Esports
FURIA Esports1 — 2Fnatic

September 6

FunPlus Phoenix1 — 2XSET

September 7

Paper Rex1 — 2Team Liquid

September 8

LOUD2 — 0Zeta Division
KRU Esports0 — 2FunPlus Phoenix

September 9

100 Thieves0 — 2Fnatic


September 9

Leviatán0 — 2LOUD

September 10

DRX2 — 0FunPlus Phoenix
OpTic Gaming2 — 1Team Liquid

September 11

XSET2 — 0Fnatic
Leviatán0 — 2FunPlus Phoenix

September 12

Team Liquid0 — 2Fnatic

September 13

OpTic Gaming2 — 1XSET
Fnatic1 — 2DRX

September 14

FunPlus Phoenix2 — 1XSET


September 16

Upper bracket final

LOUD2 — 0OpTic Gaming

September 17

Lower bracket semifinal

DRX2 — 0FunPlus Phoenix

Lower bracket final

OpTic Gaming3 — 2DRX

September 18

Grand final

LOUD3 — 1OpTic Gaming

Teams competing in Valorant Champions 2022

Valorant Champions 2022 Teams
Credit: Riot Games

Unlike in previous Masters tournaments this year, every team in the competition will begin their Valorant Champions 2022 run in the group stage.

No teams will be seeded directly in the playoffs.

OpTic GamingNorth America
XSETNorth America
100 ThievesNorth America
FunPlus PhoenixEMEA (Europe)
FnaticEMEA (Europe)
Team LiquidEMEA (Europe)
Paper RexAPAC (Singapore/Malaysia)
XERXIA EsportsAPAC (Thailand)
BOOM EsportsAPAC (Indonesia)
Zeta DivisionJapan
LeviatánLatin America (Argentina)
LOUDLatin America (Brazil)
FURIA EsportsLatin America (Brazil)
KRU EsportsLatin America (Argentina)
Edward GamingEast Asia (China)

Valorant Champions 2022 prize pool

Valorant Masters Reykjavik 2022 Champions OpTic Gaming
Credit: Riot Games

(To be updated)

Riot Games has yet to announce the prize pool for the tournament.

Format of Valorant Champions 2022

The tournament begins with a GSL-style group play, followed by an eight-team double elimination bracket. Teams were sectioned into four draw pools based on a combination of their respective final placements at Challengers and Masters events, and the strength of their respective region.

  • Pool 1 — OpTic Gaming (North America rank 1), FunPlus Phoenix (EMEA rank 1), DRX (Korea), Paper Rex (APAC rank 1)
  • Pool 2 — XSET (North America rank 2), Fnatic (EMEA rank 2), Leviatán (Latin America), Zeta Division (Japan)
  • Pool 3 — 100 Thieves (North America LCQ winner), Team Liquid (EMEA LCQ winner), LOUD (Brazil), XERXIA Esports (APAC rank 2)
  • Pool 4 — KRU Esports (South America LCQ winner 1), FURIA Esports (South America LCQ winner 2), BOOM Esports (APAC LCQ winner), Edward Gaming (East Asia LCQ winner)

Teams from each pool were randomly drawn into one of the four groups. Teams that were drawn into a group that had squads from the same region were placed into the next alphabetical sequential group.

If they were the final team to be drawn from their pool, and their group already had a squad from the same region, then they were moved back through the groups until they landed on a valid group.

After the group stage, a random draw will seed the Knockout Stage. The four teams that advance out of their group in first place will be randomly assigned a yet-to-be-determined second-place team from a different group.

All matches will play out in a best-of-three format, except for the lower bracket final and the grand final, which will be best-of-five games.

Where to watch Valorant Champions 2022?

Valorant fans can watch the matches live on Riot Games’ official Twitch and YouTube channels:

Valorant (English)Twitch
Valorant Esports (Turkish)Twitch
Valorant (Russian)Twitch
Valorant (Dach)Twitch
Valorant (Japan)Twitch
agentrange_it (Italy)Twitch
polsatgames (Polish)Twitch
lvpes2 (Spanish)Twitch
valleague_fr (French)Twitch
leetesports (Hungarian)Twitch
leetplus (Hungarian)Twitch
esportsfinland (Finnish)Twitch
valorant_kr (Korean)Twitch
valorantleague_mena (Arabic)Twitch
Valorant ArabiaYouTube
Valorant (English)YouTube
Valorant (Turkish)YouTube
Valorant (Russian)YouTube
Valorant (Arabia)YouTube

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