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Is it cosplay or drawing?

Chinese cosplayer SeeU often makes her fans do a double-take when it comes to her shockingly realistic works. She is known for her lifelike portrayal of characters from anime, pop culture, and video games, where she captures scenes from beloved series and movies and reenacts them to a T.

One of her works pays homage to Japan’s most-watched show, Spy x Family, in the form of an adorable Anya cosplay.

Is it possible to die of cuteness overload? Because SeeU’s Anya cosplay just killed us

SeeU portrayed the series’ telepathic kid, Anya Forger, in a short montage that helped the anime protagonist’s cuteness shine through.

She crossed her arms and performed Anya’s song from episode 2, Secure A Wife, where the character breaks into a cute act to try and convince her adoptive father, Loid Forger, to get together with a beautiful clerk from Berlint City Hall named Yor Briar.

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Other clips show the Chinese cosplayer lip-syncing to some of Anya’s favorite words like “father” (chichi in Japanese), “peanuts,” and “waku waku,” an onomatopoeia for excitement.

She also perfectly portrayed Anya’s iconic smug face as seen in episode 6, The Friendship Scheme, where the character tries to give her classmates, Becky Blackbell and Damian Desmond, an indifferent smile, but mistakenly put on a mocking expression instead.

SeeU is just one of the many fans of Wit Studio and CloverWorks’ Spy x Family series. It is the most popular Spring 2022 anime, capturing the hearts of fans with its wholesome plot and lovable characters. Its story revolves around Loid, a spy who’s dedicated his life to undercover missions for the Westalia Intelligence Services’ Eastern-Focused Division (W.I.S.E.).

He forms the Forger family as his cover by adopting Anya and making a deal with Yor in order to successfully complete a top-secret mission.

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