Chainsaw Man has confirmed its theatrical debut.

After captivating fans through its manga and anime, the acclaimed series by Tatsuki Fujimoto is gearing up for its highly anticipated Chainsaw Man movie Reze arc.

Ninjamo Chainsaw Anime Man Luminasta Hybrid Denji Devil Figure
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The announcement was made during the Chainsaw Man panel at Jump Festa 2024 on December 17.

The anime’s seiyuu (voice actors) debuted the movie’s first teaser trailer, highlighting Denji’s new relationship with a mysterious girl named Reze.

Chainsaw Man movie Reze arc is in the works

Denji being annoyed in Chainsaw Man anime
Credit: MAPPA

Reze is a new character who wasn’t present in season one. Manga fans know her well as one of the series’ most colorful and well-crafted personalities. 

Reze will have a pivotal role in the movie, adapting chapters 40 to 52 of the manga.

Sega Chainsaw Man Luminasta Power Figure
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The movie’s storyline picks up right where Chainsaw Man season one left off, where viewers were teased with a brief glimpse of a girl with black socks ascending a staircase.

This mysterious girl is revealed to be Reze, a character poised to significantly impact Denji’s journey as a demon hunter in training.

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According to the trailer, the Chainsaw Man movie will be produced by Shueisha and animated by MAPPA.

However, the panel and trailer did not reveal an official release schedule for the series’ debut film.

You can watch the teaser trailer below.

Fans of the anime will also have to wait a little longer for the second season since there was no announcement when the show is set to return.

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