Warzone anti-cheat software and hackers have been caught in a perpetual cat-and-mouse game. But it’s often not enough to ban cheaters in a free-to-play game like Warzone, because they can simply make a new account.

Developers have had to get extra creative, and the latest Warzone anti-cheat measure literally activates god mode for you in game.

Warzone’s Ricochet Anti-Cheat software now makes a cheater’s bullets bounce right off you, truly living up to its name. Dubbed Damage Shield, it renders cheaters completely helpless, allowing players to destroy them in a stroke of karmic justice.

Warzone anti-cheat god mode leaves cheaters completely vulnerable to players

Call of Duty Warzone Anti-Cheat Ricochet
Credit: Activision

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of how Ricochet Anti-Cheat works. Back in January, some players noticed that hackers weren’t doing any damage to them, but it wasn’t until now that Damage Shield was rolled out globally.

Ricochet Anti-Cheat relies on data to identify cheating behavior and implement more impactful ban waves. At the end of the day, Activision’s goal is to ensure that players proven to be cheating are not coming away with undeserved wins.

Damage Shield is one of the measures it uses to reduce the impact of hackers. When the server detects a cheater tampering with the game in real-time, it disables their ability to inflict “critical damage” on other players, according to Activision’s blog post.

The cheater is now vulnerable to other players, and Activision is able to collect information about their system. Activision also tracks these encounters to make sure that Damage Shield never applies to legitimate players, no matter how good or accurate they are.

“We will never interfere in gunfights between law-abiding community members,” said Activision, likely referring to the complaints of skill-based hit registration that have plagued the game.

Cheaters may be banned across all Call of Duty games

Activision also warned that it will implement more sweeping measures to ban cheaters across the entire Call of Duty franchise.

“Going forward, extreme, or repeated violations of the security policy – such as in-game cheating – may result in a permanent suspension of all accounts,” reads the blog post.

The game publisher teased that more anti-cheat mitigations are still in development and that players might start seeing clips of these in action soon.

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