Warzone ranked play has been one of the top features players have been asking for, and it looks like they’re getting their wish.

In a press call with content creators and journalists, the game developers confirmed that they have plans to add a ranked mode for the hit battle royale game, but they’ll have to get the timing of it right.

Like other games in the genre, Warzone is incredibly competitive, throwing players into massive lobbies to duke it out to be the last man standing.

But unlike its predecessors Apex Legends and Fortnite, Warzone has been missing a ranked playlist for players to get a sense of where they stand compared to everyone else.

Warzone ranked play is in the works

Portable Decontamination Station in Call of Duty Warzone Pacific
Credit: Activision

While the Call of Duty battle royale game has never had a ranked mode, the game already uses a skill-based matchmaking algorithm to put you in a lobby with other players of similar skill. Players have been relying on resources like COD Tracker to check the average K/D of their lobby, which is generally a good measure of how difficult the lobby is.

Game Director Josh Bridge confirmed they want to add ranked play to the game, but that the timing was crucial. “We don’t want to come out and do it broken,” Bridge said.

Warzone has been plagued by game-breaking bugs in the past few months, so it makes sense for the developers to first focus on ironing out these issues and extensively test any new features being added.

As a result, it sounds like it’ll still be some time before ranked play arrives in Warzone.

It’s possible that we might only see a ranked mode in the Warzone sequel. Warzone 2 is being built on the new game engine that will power this year’s Modern Warfare 2, but a release date has not been fixed yet.

The game is already being billed as a “massive evolution of the battle royale” genre, complete with an “incredibly ambitious sandbox mode”, according to Infinity Ward Co-Studio Head Pat Kelly.

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