The highly-anticipated Yoru rework has finally arrived in Valorant patch 4.04, alongside a few unexpected surprises.

Players soon discovered multiple game-breaking Yoru bugs that compromised the competitive integrity of the game, leading Riot to remove him from the competitive queue while they worked on a solution.

Fortunately, most of these bugs have since been fixed and Yoru is available to play in ranked once again. The underappreciated Japanese duelist is a brand new man in Episode 4 Act II, and players are having the time of their lives pretending to be their decoy.

Yoru bugs in Valorant patch 4.04

Valorant Yoru Rework Episode 4 Act II
Credit: Riot Games

1. Planting the spike while invulnerable in Dimensional Drift ultimate

This is probably the most broken bug of the lot. It allowed Yoru to plant the spike while in his Dimensional Drift ultimate, so he could set it down while both invulnerable and invisible. This means that attackers didn’t even have to take control of the site before planting, since defenders would be unable to stop the plant.

Yoru could then return to his team safely by using his Gatecrash tether.

Sentinels Hunter “SicK” Mims used this Yoru bug on Bind to plant the spike on B, while the rest of his team held post-plant positions. After teleporting out, he was able to rejoin his team and take the round.

Riot Games has since fixed this bug, so don’t insta-lock Yoru in the hopes of pulling this off.

2. Fakeout clone not showing up on minimap

Yoru’s new Fakeout ability produces a carbon copy of the agent, so players were excited to trick opponents by pretending to be their decoy.

The decoy flashes in the direction of anyone who shoots it, so players are naturally hesitant to engage with it. By mimicking the movement of the decoy and running in a straight line, a real player can get behind enemy lines in plain sight and wipe out an entire team.

However, this particular Yoru bug gave opponents an easy way to tell the difference between the real Yoru and his Fakeout decoy.

The decoy didn’t show up on the minimap, so enemies only needed to check their map to see if they were looking at a decoy or a real player.

Riot Games has also fixed this Yoru bug, which should make it a little easier for him to play mind games with his opponents.

3. Yoru Fakeout decoy and Sova Recon Dart combo

Reddit user @thatguy11m discovered that Sova’s Recon Dart can be combined with Yoru’s decoy, turning it into a walking reconnaissance tool.

If enemies attempt to shoot the dart, they will get flashed by the Yoru decoy. If they don’t, their location will be revealed when they get scanned by the Recon Dart.

At the time of writing, this bug has unfortunately not been fixed.

You can read the complete notes for Valorant patch 4.04 here, including the massive changes to Icebox, nerfs to Astra and Viper, and the Brimstone buff.

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