Hunter “SicK” Mims is one of the best flex players in North American Valorant. The secret to his aim? His new Scottish Fold Munchkin mix kitten, Yukio, that he showed off recently on stream.

Yukio is an adorable ball of fluff with the breed’s signature folded ears and stubby legs. He hangs out with SicK all the time, lounging on his mousepad and breaking all sorts of rules for being too cute.

He also gives SicK an all-powerful cat buff, helping the Sentinels player get a 4K on Icebox just by sitting on his mousepad.

Scottish Fold kitten gives Sentinels SicK a cat buff

As SicK is pushing onto Icebox’s B site with his team, Yukio sits up on his hind legs in the prairie dog position that Scottish Folds are known for. Throughout the stream, you can hear SicK saying that he has no space on his mousepad, but he proceeds to get a 4K even as he tries not to knock Yukio off the pad.

The kitten remains oblivious to the frenetic action, and SicK apologizes to him afterward, saying that he has to be careful.

At the end of one of his streams, SicK turns the camera onto Yukio and his chat proceeds to go wild and coo over the kitten.

Yukio has been a constant presence on Sentinels SicK’s streams, often curiously peering at SicK’s monitor when he’s playing Valorant.

The Sentinels player has been happy to indulge viewers’ questions about the new addition to his family. Among the things we learned about Yukio – he doesn’t like being held like a baby, but like many Scottish Fold kittens, he loves sleeping on his back.

Yukio even has his own Twitter account, reliably serving up your daily dose of cuteness.

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