Day 2 of Nerd Street Gamers’ closed qualifiers for North America’s Valorant First Strike event continued with a group stage match between TSM and Built By Gamers.

TSM would eventually send BBG to the bottom of Group D after winning both games on Ascent and Haven with similar 13-10 round scores.

However, Joseph “Bjor” Bjorklund gave BBG some really impressive silver lining by pulling off the most impressive highlight of the NSG closed qualifiers to date.

In the eighth round, BBG decided to gamble by having three of their defenders hold A-sewers. Despite the huge risk, this play worked out perfectly for them because TSM went for an all-out A-site push as the attackers.

After BBG’s Rob “robwiz” Kennedy missed his Operator shot, his teammate William “Will” Cheng baited himself into TSM’s line of fire. TSM knew that they needed to overpower the remaining BBG agents stuck in A-sewers, which is why Taylor “drone” Johnson used his Phoenix ultimate to entry for his team.

But since drone didn’t clear the close corner, Bjor let drone pass and caught both Stephen “reltuC” Cutler and James “hazed” Cobb by surprise with a Stinger. Bjor then quickly switched to his Classic and burst fired drone, whose ultimate just ended.

The 19-year old FPS prodigy then picked up a Phantom and killed both Yassine “Subroza” Taoufik and Matthew “Wardell” Yu to secure the Ace.

Bjor finished the game as the MVP of Haven with a 22/16/4 KDA record while playing Killjoy.

Unfortunately for Built By Gamers, they eventually lost their elimination match against The Slimy Boogermen and are now out of contention in the Nerd Street Gamers closed qualifier.

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