We knew we were in for a ride when the Valorant Replication game mode was announced, where five agents of the same kind battle it out against five other agents of the same kind. Players seem to be enjoying it so far and having a laugh, like Sentinels’ TenZ.

Before leaving for Reykjavik, Iceland to compete in VCT Stage 2: Masters, he was able to stream a few games of Valorant Replication and discovered how irritatingly fun the new game mode is.

Here’s how annoying five of the same Valorant agents can get, according to TenZ:

5. Killjoy turns Valorant Replication into Tower Defense

You get a different game entirely with five Killjoys, as Valorant Replication begins to look a lot more like Tower Defense, as TenZ says. You can pretty much hold one site indefinitely with five turrets, five guns, and a bunch of grenades, not to mention the amount of map control five Lockdowns can give.

Warning: Expletives are used in this video.

4. Sage’s walls are impenetrable

Sage can be pretty annoying alone, but five or even ten Sages on Valorant Replication is a living nightmare. TenZ and his team easily got caged in mid on Icebox, not to mention all the different off angles that five Sages can get.

Warning: Expletives are used in this video.

It can also mean memes for hours, with players throwing slow orbs everywhere and shenanigans like this.

Valorant, Valorant Replication, Sage walls
Screenshot by Mika Fabella/ONE Esports

Rule number one? We do not talk about Sage Club.

3. Viper paints the whole map green

With five Vipers, your whole screen might as well be painted green for five straight rounds. Whether it’s the Toxic Screen, Poison Cloud, or the Viper’s Pit, five Vipers can lead to some creative gameplay. TenZ did attempt to make some kind of geometry pattern with five Toxic Screens cutting the site from left to right, which didn’t really work out that well but looked pretty cool. As TenZ found out, five Vipers just pretty much makes you lose all sense of direction, though it could also be because of the five Astras they were up against.

Warning: Expletives are used in this video.

2. Skye has an army of animals

With five Skyes on Valorant Replication, you’ve got an army of animals. You’ve got five jellyfishes, five dogs, and a total of fifteen hawks. And if there are ten Skyes, that’s potentially fifty different creatures running around, and then you get the incoming headshots. It’s absolute chaos, but it’s also really fun!

Just check out TenZ having fun (we think) with the animal army that five Skyes bring!

Warning: Expletives are used in this video.

1. Brimstone’s Sky Smokes are never-ending

If the Valorant Replication teaser trailer was any warning to us, Brimstone’s Sky Smokes can pretty much obscure all necessary corners, windows, and choke points on a map. It’s disorienting and confusing to everyone, even the Brimstones! Plus, seeing five Orbital Strikes happen at the same time all around you is enough to make anyone panic and feel like the world is being torn apart.

Warning: Expletives are used in this video.

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