Aulus is a fighter hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang that has a straightforward and unique skillset.

Known as the original wielder of the War Axe, Aulus is a hero who excels at extended fights, pulverizing squishy enemies with his insane basic attack damage.

Learn how to play the Warrior of Ferocity in this Mobile Legends: Bang Bang guide.

Aulus’ skills in Mobile Legends

Passive – Fighting Spirit

Aulus’ basic attack adds a stack of Fighting Spirit to the axe. Each stack increases his physical attack by nine and physical penetration for five seconds, up to 4 stacks.

When Aulus’ axe full Fighting Spirit stacks, his movement speed is increased by 15% and his basic attack damage is increased to 125%.

  • Aulus heavily relies on basic attacks, so try to maintain max stacks in the laning phase all the times.
  • His axe will light up whenever you have full stacks. This is a good indicator that you are at your best in crucial situations.
  • You can try to hit the Crab whenever possible to fully stack Fighting Spirit during the laning phase.
  • Try to bait out your enemies by starting the fight with zero stacks of Fighting Spirit. Once an enemy fights back, use every skill you have to quickly have full stacks, and surprise them with your insane damage output.

First skill – Aulus, Charge!

When Aulus, Charge! is held down, he gains 45% extra movement speed and 30% damage reduction against from the front for up to 4s.

If the skill is released before the duration ends, he will unleash his fury and smash the ground, dealing damage to enemies in the area and slowing them for 1.5s.

  • This skill is a good gap closer and escape skill due to its increased movement speed.
  • Do take note that you receive reduced damage whenever you’re charging an enemy, so use this to your advantage. Use Aulus, Charge! when charging enemy damage dealers.
  • Holding the skill until the end of duration will not trigger the ground smash effect.
  • When charging head-on, release the skill when near an enemy to unleash its slow effect. When escaping, keep holding down the skill button, for releasing it will slow you down with the ground smash animation.

Second skill – The Power of Axe

Aulus wields his axe, dealing damage to enemies in a fan-shaped area and enhancing the next 1-6 basic attacks attacks based on the number of non-minion enemies hit.

He greatly increases his attack speed and recovers his HP after each basic attack.

  • The Power of Axe should be maxed out after Undying Fury as it’s Aulus’ main damage skill.
  • If you are in the EXP lane, this skill is good for harassing enemies while regenerating some your health during the process.
  • He gains two stacks when hitting non-minion enemies, up to six times. On the other hand, he only gains one stack when hitting a minion.
  • This skill works best when enemies are clumped together, as it dishes out the damage of six enhanced basic attacks in just one blow.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Aulus' ultimate, Undying Fury
Screenshot by Jules Elona/ONE Esports

Ultimate – Undying Fury

Passive: Every time the ultimate is upgraded, Aulus crafts a part for his axe to enhance his basic attack damage, physical lifesteal, and attack range in order.

Active: Deals damage to enemies in a line and greatly slows them for 5s.

  • This skill’s passive makes him a lot stronger with each upgrade, so make sure to max Undying Fury whenever possible.
  • The active part of this skill strong for initiating team fights, and works best with a crowd-control heavy composition.
  • Aside from its slow, Undying Fury also damages enemies who stands on the trail. This skill is perfect in tight areas as it leaves the enemies no other options but to walk through the fire trail.
  • This skill can be cancelled by crowd control. Make sure to activate the skill at a safe distance before going all-in with your other skills.

Tips and tricks for Aulus

Battle Spell guide

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Battle Spells guide, Flicker and Retribution
Credit: Moonton

Aulus is weak in the early game and is very vulnerable against early game juggernauts. With this in mind, Retribution is the best battle spell for him as jungling levels you up faster, thanks to his fast wave clear with The Power of Axe.

Flicker is the best battle spell for him if you’re playing him in the side lane. It’s possible to succeed with him in the side lane, but you have to play it safe so that you won’t get left behind. Flicker allows you to escape if you find yourself in sticky situations, or finish off escaping enemies.

Recommended emblem set guide

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang emblem set guide, Killing spree
Credit: Moonton

Aulus relies on his basic attacks so having high movement speed works wonders all throughout the match. With this, the Assassin Emblem tree is the way to go for the Warrior of Ferocity.

Under the Assassin Emblem tree, go with Agility for increased movement speed, Invasion for the extra physical penetration, and Killing Spree for the increased movement speed and heal whenever you slay an enemy.

This is the only effective emblem build for him, as it gives Aulus the necessary stats to dominate.

Recommended best build

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Aulus recommended item builds
Credit: Moonton

For his item build, building your preferred boots first is vital before going for your other offensive items. Based on how the top Aulus players build him, War Axe and Windtalker are his core items.

Here is a common item build for a jungle Aulus in a typical game.

A guide on the best build for Aulus in Mobile Legends

  • Ice Hunter’s Warrior Boots
  • War Axe
  • Windtalker
  • Endless Battle
  • Blade of Despair
  • Immortality
Mobile Legends: Bang Bang item, War Axe
Credit: Moonton

You can swap Warrior Boots with Tough Boots if the enemy has more magic damage. If you are behind, you can swap Blade of Despair with defensive items such as Brute Force Breastplate or Athena’s Shield, depending on the enemy’s lineup.

Easy combos to learn

When playing Aulus, always remember that having max stacks of Fighting Spirit is the key to victory. With that, this guide aims to max out his stacks immediately.

When facing one enemy, a good combo would be to rush him with Aulus, Charge! basic attack, The Power of Axe, another basic attack, then Undying Fury. This is always a sure kill especially if the enemy has no escape skill.

In team fights, it’s best to use Undying Fury first before Aulus, Charge! Once you are in the middle of the team fight, use The Power of Axe and hit as many enemies as possible.

Assuming you have the max enhanced basic attack stack, lock in on the enemy with the least amount of health and hit them hard with your basic attacks.

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