After three months of non-stop MPL action, the best teams in Southeast Asia will now converge at ONE Esports Mobile Legends Professional League Invitational 2022 (MPLI 2022).

20 teams from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, and the Philippines will fight for the title of best Mobile Legends: Bang Bang team in Southeast Asia this year and a US$100,000 prize pool.

Here is the full list of rosters of all teams competing in the tournament.

Full rosters of the 20 invited teams at MPLI 2022

Blacklist International

Blacklist International's MPLI 2022 roster
Credit: ONE Esports

The return of Johnmar “OhMyV33nus” Villaluna and Danerie James “Wise” Del Rosario this season have done wonders for the Tier One-backed squad, as the team finished first in the regular season with a 9-5 record.

After reclaiming the crown in the grand final showdown against ECHO, three-time champion Blacklist International will attempt to continue their winning ways.

Jonmar “OhMyV33NUS” VillalunaRoamer
Danerie James “Wise” Del RosarioJungler
Salic “Hadji” ImamMidlaner
Kiel “OHEB” SorianoGold laner
Edward “Edward” DapadapEXP laner
Mark Jayson “ESON” GerardoRoamer


MPLI 2022's ECHO roster
Credit: ONE Esports

After two seasons of failing to get past the first round playoffs, ECHO finally reached the grand final this season with the help of newcomers Alston “Sanji” Pabico and Sanford “Sanford” Vinuya.

They will try to keep their hot streak alive as they compete at MPLI with their star-studded lineup, spearheaded by Karl “KarlTzy” Nepomuceno and Tristan “Yawi” Cabrera.

Karl “KarlTzy” NepomucenoJungler
Benedict “Bennyqt” GonzalesGold laner
Tristan “Yawi” CabreraRoamer
Jankurt “KurTzy” MatiraMidlaner
Alston “Sanji” PabicoMidlaner
Sanford “Sanford” VinuyaEXP laner


MPLI 2022's RSG PH roster
Credit: ONE Esports

RSG PH will put their second unit to the test as Jonard “Demonkite” Cedrix Caranto, Eman “EMANN” Sangco, and Arvie “Aqua” Antonio sit out at MPLI.

John “1rrad” Tuazon and John “Perkz” Sumawan will play in the jungle and midlane, respectively. Rounding up the lineup is veteran Clarense “Kousei” Camilo in the gold lane.

Dylan “Light” CatiponRoamer
Nathanael “Nathzz” EstrologoEXP laner
Dexter “Exort” MartinezMidlaner
Clarense “Kousei” CamiloGold laner
John “1rrad” TuazonJungler
John “Perkz” SumawanRoamer

Smart Omega

Smart Omega's MPLI 2022 roster
Credit: ONE Esports

The comeback kings have made only one adjustment coming into the tournament. Kiel VJ “Kielvj” Hernandez will replace star player Patrick “E2MAX” Caidic in the midlane.

Kiel VJ “Kielvj” HernandezMidlaner
Renz “Renzio” CaduaEXP laner
Duane “Kelra” PillasGold laner
Deomark “Mikko” TabangayRoamer
Dean Christian “Raizen” SumaguiJungler
Joshua “Ch4knu” MangilogRoamer

Bren Esports

Bren Esports' MPLI 2022 roster
Credit: ONE Esport

Jungler Michael “KyleTzy” Sayson and Marco “SUPER MARCO” Requitano will be swapping roles for this tournament.

After struggling in the first half of Season 10, Bren Esports found their groove and reached the playoffs for the first time since Season 7.

They eliminated Smart Omega in the play-ins stage before losing to Blacklist International in the upper bracket semifinal. They were eventually eliminated by RSG PH in the lower bracket semifinal.

Angelo “Pheww” ArcangelMidlaner
Rowgien “Owgwen” UnigoRoamer
Michael “KyleTzy” SaysonGold laner
Marco “SUPER MARCO” RequitanoJungler
Vincent “Pandora” UnigoEXP laner
David “FlapTzy” CanonEXP laner


ONIC PH's MPLI 2022 roster
Credit: ONE Esports

Despite fielding an entirely new lineup for Season 10, ONIC PH had a great regular season. They were the first team to clinch a playoff spot, but their run was cut short in the in the play-ins stage, where they were eliminated by RSG PH.

At MPLI 2022, Jefferdson “Kekedoot” Mogol will finally be competing after sitting on the bench at MPL PH Season 10.

Jefferdson “Kekedoot” MogolRoamer
Stephen “Sensui” CastilloJungler
Frince Miguel “Super Frince” RamirezMidlaner
Kenneth “Nets” BarroGold laner
Landher “Der” San GabrielEXP laner
Nowee “Ryota” MacasaEXP laner

Alter Ego

Alter Ego's MPLI 2022 roster
Credit: ONE Esports

In place of Eldin “Celiboy” Putra, Alter Ego will field MDL standout Muhammad “KidsZ” Fauzi as their jungler.

Rafly Alvareza “Pai” SudrajatEXP laner
Julian “LeoMurphy” MurphyRoamer
Syauki “Nino” FauzanGold laner
Muhammad Julian “Udil” ArdiansyahMidlaner
Muhammad “KidsZ” FauziJungler
Devara Reynanda “DevKoch” PutraRoamer


Aura Fire's MPLI 2022 roster
Credit: ONE Esports

Aura Fire’s main roster will be sticking together for MPLI under head coach Yosua “Tezet” Sanger. The team finished fourth in the regular season with a 6-8 match record and managed to qualify for the playoffs.

They were a different beast in the playoffs, eliminating Rebellion Zion in the play-ins stage and Bigetron Alpha in the lower bracket semifinal. They were eventually swept by ONIC Esports in the lower bracket final for a third place finish.

Usep “Facehugger” SatiawanMidlaner
Erico “God1va”Roamer
Regi “Fluffy” MarviolaEXP laner
Leonardo Prasetyo “Kabuki” AgungGold laner
Jehuda Jordan “High” SumualJungler
Andru “Druu” RanggadikaRoamer

Bigetron Alpha

Bigetron Alpha's MPLI 2022 roster
Credit: ONE Esports

Bigetron Alpha will compete at MPLI 2022 with the same roster that played in MPL ID Season 10.

Hengky “kyy” GunawanRoamer
Maxwell “Maxxx” AlessandroJungler
Marcel “Morenoo” SinulinggaMidlaner
Mark “Markyyyy” CapacioGold laner
Gusti Made Indra “Xorizo” DwipayanaEXP laner
Gilang Dwi “Falah” FalahMidlaner

EVOS Legends

EVOS Legends' MPLI 2022 roster
Credit: ONE Esports

EVOS Legends will see former MPL veterans Jabran “Branz” Wiloko and Ferdyansyah “Ferxiic” Kamaruddin compete this tournament.

Other EVOS Icon players Dalvin “Hijumee” Ramadhan and Adriansyah “Claw Kun” Baihaqi will also suit up for MPLI. It will be the first time they’ll be playing under the EVOS Legends banner.

Jabran “Branz” WilokoGold laner
Rizqi “Saykots” DamankEXP laner
Rachmad “DreamS” WahyudiRoamer
Ferdyansyah “Ferxiic” KamaruddinJungler
Dalvin “Hijumee” RamadhanMidlaner
Adriansyah “Claw Kun” BaihaqiMidlaner

Geek Fam

Geek Fam's MPLI 2022 roster
Credit: ONE Esports

Geek Fam finished last at MPL ID Season 10. Despite the disappointing end to their campaign, the team had flashes of brilliance in the regular season with PH superstar Allen “Baloyskie” Baloy calling the shots.

Allen “Baloyskie” BaloyRoamer
Jaymark “Janaaqt” LazaroJungler
Luke “Luke” ValentinusEXP laner
Mohammad “Caderaa” PambudiGold laner
Valent “Aboy” PutraMidlaner
Muhammad “Lzuraa” ArifMidlaner

ONIC Esports

ONIC Esports' MPLI 2022 roster
Credit: ONE Esports

After a dominant performance at MPL ID Season 10, reigning MPL ID champion ONIC Esports will be using the same winning roster at MPLI.

Superstars Muhammad Satrya “Butss” Sanubari and Calvin “CW” Winata still headline the starting five, along with Filipino import Kairi “Kairi” Ygnacio Rayosdelsol, MPLI 2021 MVP Gilang “SANZ”, and Adriand “Drian” Larsen Wong.

Muhammad Satrya “Butss” SanubariEXP laner
Adriand “Drian” Larsen WongMidlaner
Calvin “CW” WinataGold laner
Kairi “Kairi” Ygnacio RayosdelsolJungler
Gilang “SANZ”Midlaner
Thomas “SamoHt” ObadjaRoamer

Rebellion Zion

Rebellion Zion's MPLI 2022 roster
Credit: ONE Esports

With roamer Bernard “Widjanarko” Widjanarko leading the squad, Rebellion Zion qualified for the playoffs in Season 10, the first time since they joined the league two seasons ago.

However, they failed to get past the play-ins stage after they lost to Bigetron Alpha.

Thomas “VALL” GalileoRoamer
Moch Dicky “Fearless” SetiawanJungler
David “Swaylow” SihalohoMidlaner
Rendy “Dyrennn” SyahputraEXP laner
Dhannya “Haizz” HoputraGoldlaner
Bernard “Widjanarko” WidjanarkoRoamer

RRQ Sena

RRQ Sena's MPLI 2022 roster
Credit: ONE Esports

RRQ will compete at MPLI with RRQ Sena, the organization’s MDL team, who will make their debut on the international stage.

Rizky “Warlord” AgustianMidlaner
Kristian Wira “Pranata ” PranataGold laner
Edi “Justinnn” SusantoEXP laner
Jason Keane “Aether” ZefanyaJungler
Riko “Violence”Roamer
Andre “Banana” PutraEXP laner

Slate Esports

Slate Esports' MPLI 2022 roster
Credit: ONE Esports

After taking a break from the competitive scene for one season, Jing Yin Nicklaus “Nickkk” Du is back in the lineup. Adam “Adammir” Chong will also be jungling for the first time in his professional career, with Tristan “Gear” Nathanael replacing him in the EXP lane.

Adam “Adammir” ChongJungler
Bi De “FMM.” NgGold laner
Akihiro “JPL” FurusawaRoamer
Basil “Seilah” LimMidlaner
Tristan “Gear” NathanaelEXP laner
Jing Yin Nicklaus “Nickkk” DuRoamer


RSG SG's MPLI 2022 roster
Credit: ONE Esports

Winning back-to-back championships in Seasons 3 and 4, RSG SG still lives up to their reputation as a team with unmatched chemistry.

Wee Lun “Diablo” YeoEXP laner
Brayden “BRAYYY” TeoJungler
Jin Rui, Amos “.505” NgMidlaner
Jovan “.Babycakes” OngGold laner
Bellamy “.Lolsie” YeoRoamer
Royven “Roy.” TanMidlaner

Team HAQ

Burn x Flash's MPLI 2022 roster
Credit: ONE Esports

Team HAQ shook the MLBB scene in the region after they dethroned crowd favorite Todak at the MPL MY grand final. Capitalizing on their success, the team will be sticking with their tried and tested lineup at MPLI 2022.

Muhammad “Garyy” SyafizanJungler
Aimin “Minn” AnuarRoamer
Aiman “Mann” AnuarMidlaner
Mohamad “Lolla” NilzaihanEXP laner
Poh “Panda” WaiGold laner
Qamarul “Syamskyyy” HisyamMidlaner


Todak's MPLI 2022 roster
Credit: ONE Esports

Todak will compete at MPLI 2022 with the addition of rookie Muhamad “Rival” Alif Akmal bin Kamarulzaman. After failing to defend their throne at MPL MY Season 10, the Malaysian powerhouse aims to bounce back, and hopefully win the region’s first international title.

Muhammad “Yums” SuhairiRoamer
Wan “4Meyz” UsmanEXP laner
Idreen “Momo” Bin Abdul JamalisGold laner
Zikry “Moon” Bin ShamsuddinMidlaner
Muhammad “CikuGais” FuadMultirole
Muhamad “Rival” Alif Akmal bin KamarulzamanJungler

Orange Esports

Orange Esports' MPLI 2022 roster
Credit: ONE Esports

Orange Esports had to rebuilt its roster from the ground up with departure of most of its players to Team HAQ. Still, the team had a commendable performance on the back of star gold laner Luk “Valenz” Yip, finishing third place in the playoffs.

Luk “Valenz” YipGold lane
Hazziq Danish Bin Mohamad “Stormie” RizwanMidlaner
Wan Mohamad Danish Safwan Bin Mohd “Subway” SakirinJungler
Muhammad “Neo” AhmadEXP laner
Muhammad “SoloAim” AbasRoamer

Burn X Flash

Burn X Flash's MPLI 2022 roster
Credit: ONE Esports

Burn x Flash will be making its international debut at MPLI under the guidance of head coach John Michael “Zico” Dizon, who competed at M1 World Championship and MPLI 2021.

Kakada “XEON” KunnJungler
Mara “CHMA” SourJungler
Roth “Ccat” SokMidlaner
Piseth “ATM” KosalEXP laner
Oudum “D7” TyRoamer
Jhonwin “Hesa” VergaraGold laner

MPLI 2022 will start on November 2. Follow ONE Esports on Facebook for more MPLI 2022 news and updates.

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