ONIC Esports’ Gilang “Sanz” has cemented himself as Southeast Asia’s best Mobile Legends: Bang Bang jungler.

He is one of the key players who helped ONIC Esports achieve back-to-back championship titles at MPL ID Season 8 and ONE Esports MPLI 2021.

Sanz has been hailed as MPLI 2021’s most valuable player (MVP), and this is why he fully deserves the recognition.

Why ONIC Sanz totally deserves the MPLI 2021 MVP title

ONIC Sanz’s hard work and efforts definitely paid off this MPLI 2021, for he was hailed as the MVP of the tournament.

The jungler has developed a lot of in-game abilities. Not only can he play assassin and marksman heroes, he can also pull off fighter heroes like Paquito.

His Yi Sun-Shin was flawless, and one of the key reasons why ONIC Esports managed to defeat Blacklist International in the grand final.

ONIC Sanz is always making progress inside and outside of the game

ONIC Sanz’s ability in-game is unquestionable. However, the biggest obstacle he faced is outside the Mobile Legends client is actually his own introverted nature.

As a person, ONIC Sanz tended not say much in matches, and preferred to play out the games silently.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang MPLI 2021 MVP, ONIC Esports' SANZ
Credit: ONE Esports

As time went on however, Sanz improved his communication game. He became more open, which brought him closer to his teammates, further enhancing ONIC Esports’ chemistry. Listening to ONIC Esports’ mic check, Sanz even shotcalls from time to time.

Many fans noticed ONIC Sanz’s talent early on when he became a professional MPL player, for he is a jungler with very high mechanics.

When he finally made his debut in MPL ID Season 6, all eyes were on him. From Victim Esports to ONIC Esports, he contributed greatly to the yellow hedgehog squad’s strong performances where they finished in the upper bracket from MPL ID Seasons 6 to 8.

How far will Sanz and ONIC Esports go at the M3 World Championship?

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