After the conclusion of ONE Esports’ MPL Invitational 2021, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang fans are in for another action-packed month.

Moonton has officially announced the details and schedule for the upcoming Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s M3 World Championship, the third iteration of the tournament.

M3 World Championship format

M3 World Championship official venue in Singapore
Screenshot by Jules Elona/ONE Esports

The tournament is split into two stages: the group stage and the playoffs.

16 teams have been divided into 4 groups, determined by the group draw held on November 6. These teams will compete in a single round robin best-of-one format.

Blacklist InternationalONIC EsportsEVOS SGTeam SMG
Red Canids KalungaONIC PHSeeYouSoonRRQ Hoshi
Malvinas GamingTodakNaviGX Squad
BedelVivo KeydBloodThirstyKingsRSG SG

The top two teams in each group will be placed in the upper bracket while the bottom two will proceed to the lower bracket.

All games in the upper bracket are best-of-fives, while the lower bracket will be played in best-of-threes until round three.

The games in the lower bracket starting in round three will be in a best-of-five format.

The grand final will be a best-of-seven series.

M3 World Championship playoffs schedule and results

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang M3 World Championship final playoffs bracket
Screenshot by Jules Elona/ONE Esports

Day 1 – Playoffs Upper bracket (December 11)

Match 1Blacklist International2 – 3BTK
Match 2Bedel1 – 3EVOS SG

Day 2 – Playoffs upper bracket (December 12)

Match 3ONIC PH3 – 0RSG SG
Match 4RRQ Hoshi3 – 1Todak

Day 3 – Playoffs lower bracket (December 13)

Match 5Team SMG0 – 2ONIC Esports
Match 6Keyd Stars2 – 0GX Squad
Match 7Navi2 – 1Malvinas Gaming
Match 8Red Canids0 – 2SeeYouSoon

Day 4 – Playoffs lower bracket (December 14)

Match 9Blacklist International2 – 1ONIC Esports
Match 10Bedel0 – 2Keyd Stars
Match 11RSG SG0 – 2Navi
Match 12Todak2 – 1SeeYouSoon

Day 5 – Playoffs (December 15)

Match 13Blacklist International3 – 0Keyd Stars
Match 14ONIC PH3 – 0RRQ Hoshi

Day 6 – Playoffs (December 16)

Match 15Navi2 – 3Todak
Match 16BTK3 – 1EVOS SG

Day 7 – Playoffs (December 17)

Match 17RRQ Hoshi0 – 3Blacklist International
Match 18EVOS SG3 – 2Todak

Day 8 – Playoffs (December 18)

Match 19BTK0 – 3ONIC PH
Match 20Blacklist International3 – 0EVOS SG
Match 21BTK1 – 3Blacklist International

Day 9 – Grand final (December 19)

Match 22ONIC PH0 – 4Blacklist International

M3 World Championship group stage standings

Group A standings

Blacklist International3 – 0
Bedel1 – 2
Red Canids1 – 2
Malvinas Gaming1 – 2

Group B standings

Todak2 – 1
ONIC PH2 – 1
Keyd Stars1 – 2
ONIC Esports1 – 2

Group C standings

EVOS SG3 – 0
BTK2 – 1
Navi1 – 2
SeeYouSoon0 – 3

Group D standings

RRQ Hoshi3 – 0
RSG SG2 – 1
Team SMG1 – 2
GX Squad0 – 3

M3 World Championship schedule and results

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang M3 World Championship official schedule
Screenshot by Jules Elona/ONE Esports

The group stage will run from December 6 to December 9.

The playoffs will take place from December 11 to December 18, and the grand final on December 19.

Here is the full group stage schedule.

Day 1 – Group A (December 6)

Blacklist International1 – 0Red Canids
Malvinas Gaming0 – 1Bedel
Blacklist International1 – 0Bedel
Red Canids0 – 1Malvinas Gaming
Blacklist International1 – 0Malvinas Gaming
Red Canids1 – 0Bedel

Group A three-way tiebreaker matches

Malvinas Gaming0 – 1Red Canids
Bedel1 – 0Red Canids

Day 2 – Group B (December 7)

ONIC Esports1 – 0ONIC PH
Todak1 – 0Keyd Stars
ONIC Esports0 – 1Keyd Stars
ONIC PH1 – 0Todak
ONIC Esports0 – 1Todak
ONIC PH1 – 0Keyd Stars

Day 3 – Group C (December 8)

EVOS SG1 – 0SeeYouSoon
Navi0 – 1BTK
SeeYouSoon0 – 1Navi
EVOS SG1 – 0Navi
SeeYouSoon0 – 1BTK

Day 4 – Group D (December 9)

Team SMG0 – 1RRQ Hoshi
GX Squad0 – 1RSG SG
Team SMG0 – 1RSG SG
RRQ Hoshi1 – 0GX Squad
Team SMG1 – 0GX Squad
RRQ Hoshi1 – 0RSG SG

M3 World Championship participating teams

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang ONE Esports' MPLI 2021 participants, Blacklist International's OHEB, ONIC Esports' Butsss, Team SMG's SaSa, EVOS SG's Potato
Credit: Blacklist International, ONIC Esports, Team SMG, EVOS SG

Here are all the participating teams in the tournament.

SeeYouSoonMPL KH Season 1 champion
Red Canids KalungaMPL BR Season 1 champion
Vivo KeydMPL BR Season 1 runner-up
EVOS SGMPL SG Season 2 champion
RSG SGMPL SG Season 2 runner-up
Team SMGMPL MY Season 8 champion
TodakMPL MY Season 8 runner-up
GX SquadM3 Arabia Major qualifier
BloodThirstyKingsM3 American Qualifier champion
Malvinas GamingLatam Championship 2021 champion
NaviMobile Legends Mythic League CIS champion
BedelMobile Legends Turkey Championship 2021 champion
Blacklist InternationalMPL PH Season 8 champion
ONIC PHMPL PH Season 8 runner-up
ONIC EsportsMPL ID Season 8 champion
RRQ HoshiMPL ID Season 8 runner-up

M3 World Championship prize pool

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang M3 World Championship prize pool
Credit: Moonton

The M3 World Championship prize pool is set at US$800,000, three times larger compared to previous world championships.

The prize pool last M2 World Championship was US$300,000. In the year before, the M1 World Championship offered a $250,000 prize pool.

Here is the prize pool breakdown for M3.

1st PlaceUS$300,000
2nd placeUS$120,000
3rd placeUS$80,000
4th placeUS$55,000
5th – 6th placeUS$40,000
7th – 8th placeUS$30,000
9th – 12th placeUS$15,000
13th – 16th placeUS$10,000

Where to watch the M3 World Championship?

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) M3 World Championship
Credit: Moonton

Starting December 6, MLBB fans can watch the tournament on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s official Facebook page and YouTube channel.

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