Melissa, the marksman hero who controls a puppet, finally received a much-needed buff in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang patch 1.7.08.

Prior to this patch, Melissa is rarely seen in both competitive and ranked. Her skill set wasn’t as aggressive compared to Clint and Beatrix, who can quickly burst down enemy heroes.

Despite having a 56 percentwin rate in Mythic rank games, the Cursed Needle was one of the least picked heroes at only a 0.38 percent pick rate, according to MLBB stats.

The developers said that they have improved Melissa’s control over Muddles in team fights while nerfing her early game harass. It might not look flashy, but having more control over her puppets is enough to make her viable in the current meta.

Changes to Melissa in Mobile Legends patch 1.7.08

Skill 1 – Falling!

  • Cooldown adjusted from 7s to 8.5-7s
  • Cooldown Reduction Per Attack Against Muddles increased from 1.2s to 1.5s

Skill 2 – Eyes on You!

  • Cooldown adjusted 1.5s (goes on cooldown after Muddles disappears) to 7-6s (goes on cooldown upon skill cast)
  • Mana Cost adjusted from 75-0 to 60-10
  • New Effect: Muddles will disappear early when there are no linked enemies
  • Removed: The skill goes on cooldown when Muddles disappears
  • Slightly increased Muddles’s movement distance

Ultimate – Go Away!

  • Defense Boost When the Skill Is Active increased from three times to five times
Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Twinge Weaver Melissa
Credit: Moonton

Melissa’s second skill inflicts damage to linked targets for up to six seconds. In this patch, you’ll now be able to cast the skill more frequently since it now goes on cooldown for six to seven seconds immediately on casting, unlike before where it only goes on cooldown once Muddles disappears.

Muddles leaving early when there are no enemies nearby means you can spam Eyes on You! more often, especially in the laning phase where she’s at her stronges. She thrives in the early to mid-game thanks to her spammable skills.

She also received small but impactful buffs on her first skill and ultimate. Attacking Muddles now reduces the cooldown of her first skill much faster. She also gets more physical damage and magic defense whenever she activates her ultimate, Go Away!

While these changes are not enough to make her an S-tier marksman hero, Melissa mains will definitely feel the improvement on all her skills.

The full Mobile Legends: Bang Bang patch 1.7.08 patch notes can be found here.

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