Melissa, the Cursed Needle, is the second hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s Forsaken Light series after Yin.

A marksman with the ability to summon three cursed dolls, she adds another interesting skillset to the mobile MOBA game. Though seemingly simple to play, how you position Muddles will affect her damage output, which increases her skill cap and distinguishes good Melissa players from great ones.

What’s even cooler is her unique ultimate, which creates a force field around her, much like Jujutsu Kaisen’s Innate Domain, an incomplete domain made of pure cursed energy. This is different from Domain Expansion, which not only uses a large amount of cursed energy, but also requires a cursed technique.

Melissa’s skills in Mobile Legend: Bang Bang

Passive – Doll Buster

MLBB marksman hero Melissa's passive skill, Doll Buster
Screenshot by Amanda Tan/ONE Esports

Melissa does extra damage to all summoned units, including Muddles and those by the enemy. (Why hello there Zhask, long time no see.)

First skill – Falling

MLBB hero Melissa's first skill, Falling
Screenshot by Amanda Tan/ONE Esports

Falling allows Melissa to dash in a target direction, which acts as a gap closer or opener. She also gains extra attack speed for a short duration, granting her decent burst potential.

If Muddles or Cuddles is on the battlefield, she’ll pull them with her. This is her main mobility skill, allowing her to move around the map and reposition her dolls, similar to Kagura and her umbrella.

Second skill – Go! Muddles!

MLBB hero Melissa's second skill, Go! Muddles!
Screenshot by Amanda Tan/ONE Esports

Melissa throws Muddles in a target direction. It’ll stop upon hitting an enemy hero or when it reaches max distance. When it lands, it will bind itself to all enemy heroes.

When active, Melissa summons Giggles on each basic attack to shoot an extra cursed needle at Muddles. You can also use the “attack minion button” to attack Muddles directly. Each needle thrown by Giggles will reduce part of the cooldown of Melissa’s first skill, Falling.

All the damage taken by Muddles during the duration will be transferred to its bound victims. Sound familiar? Carmilla must be cursing a lot of blood by now.

Ultimate – Cuddles, Protect Me!

MLBB marksman hero Melissa's ultimate, Cuddles protect me
Screenshot by Amanda Tan/ONE Esports

Using Cuddles, Melissa releases a field of protection around her. It damages and pushes away nearby enemies, and prevents them from entering the field for a short duration. The field will disappear early if Melissa moves too far out of its range.

Naturally, Cuddles, Protect Me is her main defense mechanism against melee heroes.

This bubble is truly an introvert’s dream. We too, would like a cursed doll like Cuddles.

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