Moonton has revealed new battlefield and system adjustments for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang in its newest Project NEXT Express 2022 video posted on YouTube.

The biggest change that was announced for the upcoming patch is the magic sentry. The upcoming feature lets players fire a magic flare from their base to their jungle area, granting vision to the area for a short time.

According to the developers, this helps the losing team detect ambushes and potentially, craft a strategy to turn the match around.

The Magic Sentry will stop the enemy team from camping in your jungle area if they are ahead in the game

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Project NEXT Express update, Magic Sentry
Screenshot by Jules Elona/ONE Esports

Sentries can be activated from your base’s wall. It can only be used after at least one inner turret on the battlefield is destroyed.

Players need to stand near the middle of the wall for a short while as they wait for the beam of light to illuminate the jungle. The bright light will then explode in the area. Every hero, creep–including invisible units–will be shown on the map for a short time.

This new feature will go hand-in-hand with the visual lighting, shadows, and path improvements in the jungle. There’s still no confirmation on how many times magic sentries can be used.

All the upcoming changes in the Project: NEXT Express September update

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Project NEXT Express update, Crossbow turrets
Screenshot by Jules Elona/ONE Esports

Aside from the upcoming magic sentry update, all turrets will also be redesigned to feature a heavy crossbow on top, which will automatically rotate and move based on where its target is.

There will also be changes to the hero selection screen in ranked games. Players can now sort heroes based on the number of matches played, and show their last KDA with the hero to their teammates.

The patch will roll out on official servers in September and will coincide with the visual rework to Lesley and Gusion that was announced early this month.

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