As part of the 515 M-World celebrations, Moonton launched the Psionic Oracle event last April 25.

The main draw of the event if of course, the new Legendary skin, Psion of Tomorrow Guinevere. Players can spend diamonds in the event to obtain summoning scrolls, which can be used to draw tons of rewards, such as skins, including Guinevere’s Legendary skin, emotes, and fragments.

There is also another way to get free skins without having to spend diamonds. Here is a guide on how to get a free random Elite skin in the event.

How to get a free Elite skin at the Psionic Oracle event

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Psionic Oracle event interface
Screenshot by Jules Elona/ONE Esports
  1. Go to the events section in-game and open the “Free Summoning Scroll” tab.
  2. Click pre-register to claim a free summoning scroll, which will be available on April 30.

On the same date, there will be a summoning scroll event, where players can complete tasks to earn more scrolls to draw for the Psionic Oracle event. While many involve recharging diamonds, there are two which only require you to log-in and share the event on your social media.

After doing so, you’ll now have three summoning scrolls. Use it to claim a random Elite skin chest worth three summoning scrolls.

The Psionic Oracle event will only last until May 16.

Get the Storm Rider Zilong skin for free

Storm Rider Zilong skin preview
Screenshot by Amanda Tan/ONE Esports

There will also be another free skin event tomorrow for Storm Rider Zilong. You will need the help of your friends and other Mobile Legends: Bang Bang players for this event.

In order to get the skin for free, 20 people have to send gifts to your account. You can do this by requesting to your friends in-game or sharing the event in your social media platform.

The event will last until May 15.

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