Jonard Cedrix “Demonkite” Caranto was awarded the Finals MVP after leading RSG PH to a 3-1 victory against ECHO at the ONE Esports Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Invitational 2023 (MPLI 2023).

Demonkite delivered a monstrous performance on Martis, tallying an impressive 17/3/23 overall KDA across the Raiders’ three wins.

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But it was in the opening game of the championship series that the team’s returning jungler showcased the best highlight of the tournament.

Demonkite takes the spotlight with a maniac in grand final

Demonkite MLBB
Credit: ONE Esports

The Regular Season MVP of MPL Malaysia Season 12 went for a highly defensive build in the first game, opting for only one offensive item, Hunter Strike.

Nevertheless, it did not stop him from unleashing insane amounts of damage, as he effectively made use of the true damage and cooldown-resetting effect of Martis’ ultimate, Decimation.

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During the first Lord fight at the ninth-minute mark, Demonkite caught both ECHO’s Arlott and Phoveus with Ashura Aura, then finished them off with two successive Decimations.

Subsequently, he deleted his rival jungler, Karl “KarlTzy” Nepomuceno’s Fredrinn before slaying Karrie to score a maniac.

He went on to notch a double kill a few minutes later, and eventually finished with an outstanding 7/1/11 KDA, leading RSG to a dominant 21-6 victory in 20 minutes.

After losing on Baxia in game two, Demonkite went back to playing Martis, and displayed his mastery over the fighter hero to help RSG close out the series.

RSG PH players lifting their MPLI 2023 trophy
Credit: ONE Esports

He registered a 4/2/5 KDA in game three, and a flawless 6/0/7 KDA in game four to cap off his MVP-worthy performance.

Demonkite’s best build for Martis

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