Updated on November 19, 10:42 p.m. (GMT+8): Updated scores and bracket.

It’s the moment of truth!

The ONE Esports Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Invitational 2023 (MPLI 2023) is making a highly anticipated return this year, and there are many reasons for esports fans to get excited.

This MPLI is set to make history as it shifts to an offline setting, taking place in Jakarta, Indonesia for the very first time.

Additionally, MPLI 2023 has an expanded competitive landscape with the inclusion of new regions such as North America and the MENA region.

Here is everything you need to know about MPLI 2023, including tournament format, participating teams, schedule, and where to watch.

What is MPLI 2023?

ONIC Esports MPLI 2022 champion
Credit: ONE Esports

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Invitational (MPLI) is one of the biggest international MLBB tournaments, jointly hosted by Moonton and ONE Esports.

This event has been a consistent presence in the MLBB esports calendar since its inception in 2020.

The victors of the MPLI will be awarded the lion’s share of the US$100,000 prize pool.

Last year, Indonesia’s ONIC Esports secured back-to-back MPLI championships after a thrilling grand final showdown against fellow Indonesians Geek Fam.

MPLI 2023 format

MPLI 2023 group stage bracket
Credit: ONE Esports

The tournament will have two phases: the group stage and the playoffs.

During the group stage, the 16 participating teams will be placed into four separate groups, with the placement of these teams determined by fan voting.

In the group stage, matches will be played in a best-of-one, round-robin format, allowing each team to face every other team in their group at least once.

At the conclusion of the group stage, the highest-ranked team from each group will advance to the upper bracket of the playoffs, while the second-ranked team will move on to the lower bracket.

The two teams that finish at the bottom of their respective groups will be eliminated.

The playoff stage will have a double-elimination format.

All matches in this stage will be best-of-three, except for the grand final, which will be a best-of-five showdown to determine the ultimate champion.

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MPLI 2023 schedule, results, standings

The group stage will happen from November 15 to 16. The playoffs will take place from November 17 to 19 at the GBK Basketball Hall in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Group stage standings

Group A

AP Bren3 — 0
TheOhioBrothers2 — 1
Dewa United Esports1 — 2
Nova Esports0 — 3

AP Bren and TheOhioBrothers advance to the playoffs.

Nova Esports and Dewa United Esports have been eliminated.

Group B

HomeBois3 — 0
Blacklist International2 — 1
Team Falcons1 — 2
Geek Fam0 — 3

HomeBois and Blacklist International advance to the playoffs.

Geek Fam and Team Falcons have been eliminated.

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Group C

ECHO2 — 1
Rebellion Zion2 — 1
Bigetron Alpha1 — 2
EVOS Legends1 — 2

ECHO and Rebellion Zion advance to the playoffs.

EVOS Legends and Bigetron Alpha have been eliminated.

Group D

RSG PH3 — 0
See You Soon2 — 1
RRQ1 — 2
Team Flash0 — 3

RSG PH and See You Soon advance to the playoffs.

RRQ and Team Flash have been eliminated.

Group Stage

November 15 (Wednesday)

AP Bren1 — 0TheOhioBrothers
Nova Esports0 — 1Dewa United Esports
AP Bren1 — 0Dewa United Esports
Blacklist International1 — 0Team Falcons
Geek Fam0 — 1HomeBois
Blacklist International0 — 1HomeBois
ECHO0 — 1Bigetron Alpha
EVOS Legends0 — 1Rebellion Zion
ECHO1 — 0Rebellion Zion
See You Soon1 — 0Team Flash
See You Soon0 — 1RSG PH

November 16 (Thursday)

Nova Esports0 — 1TheOhioBrothers
AP Bren1 – 0Nova Esports
TheOhioBrothers1 — 0Dewa United Esports
Geek Fam0 — 1Team Falcons
Blacklist International1 — 0Geek Fam
Team Falcons0 — 1HomeBois
EVOS Legends1 — 0Bigetron Alpha
ECHO1 — 0EVOS Legends
Bigetron Alpha0 — 1Rebellion Zion
RRQ1 — 0Team Flash
See You Soon1 — 0RRQ
Team Flash0 — 1RSG PH


November 17 (Friday)

Upper bracket semifinals

AP Bren2 — 0RSG PH
ECHO2 — 1HomeBois

AP Bren and ECHO advance to the upper bracket final.

RSG PH and HomeBois drop to the lower bracket quarterfinals.

Lower bracket first round

TheOhioBrothers0 — 2See You Soon
Rebellion Zion0 — 2Blacklist International

TheOhioBrothers and Rebellion Zion have been eliminated.

See You Soon and Blacklist International advance to the lower bracket quarterfinal.

November 18 (Saturday)

Lower bracket quarterfinals

See You Soon1 — 2RSG PH
Blacklist International1 — 2HomeBois

RSG PH and HomeBois advances to the lower bracket quarterfinal.

See You Soon and Blacklist International have been eliminated.

Upper bracket final

AP Bren0 — 2ECHO

ECHO advances to the grand final.

AP Bren drops to the lower bracket final.

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Lower bracket semifinal

RSG PH2 — 0HomeBois

RSG PH advances to the lower bracket final.

HomeBois have been eliminated.

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November 19 (Sunday)

Lower bracket final

RSG PH2 — 1AP Bren

RSG PH advances to the grand final.

AP Bren has been eliminated.

Grand final


RSG PH wins the MPLI 2023 grand final.

MPLI 2023 qualified teams

Full roster of every team competing at MPLI 2023
Credit: ONE Esports
Full roster of every team competing at MPLI 2023
MPL ID Season 12RRQ
Geek Fam
Rebellion Zion
Dewa United Esports
Bigetron Alpha
EVOS Legends
MPL PH Season 12ECHO
AP Bren
Blacklist International
MPL MY Season 12HomeBois
MPL SG Season 6Team Flash
MPL KH Autumn 2023See You Soon
MPL MENA Fall 2023Team Falcons
NACT Fall 2023TheOhioBrothers
ChinaNova Esports

Where to watch MPLI 2023?

The games will be livestreamed on all official ONE Esports platforms.

Fans can also watch the playoffs live at GBK Basketball Hall in Jakarta, Indonesia. Tickets are now available at KiosTix, the tournament’s official ticketing platform.

Ticket prices range from IDR50,000 to IDR400,000.

Follow ONE Esports on Facebook for MLBB esports news, guides, and updates.

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