Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, step right up, for Circus Magician Vexana is here!

Stealing the spotlight from The Illusionist Cecilion, the duchess ditches her robes for an enchantingly modern costume colored in mysterious midnight blue.

After Lucent Beacon, Sanguine Rose, and Cursed Shackle, Circus Magician will be her fourth skin, which is also December’s Starlight skin.

If she’s not one of your mains, you can choose among Biohazard Yu Zhong, Double Identity Selena Double Identity, Candy Bear Jawhead, and Lethal Fang Brody skins as well.

Preview of Circus Magician Vexana skill effects

Circus Magician Vexana skin preview
Screenshot by Amanda Tan/ONE Esports

Doing away with her usual turquoise hair, Circus Magician gives Vexana shades of soft mint green, which frankly, suits her better.

It is complemented by a bluish outfit that sports a sexy sweetheart neckline. While the costume includes a long, flowy skirt — or cape, depending on how you look at it — it also has a flirty short skirt at the front sewn in using bright purple cloth.

Her Undead Knight has skin that glows watery blue, and doesn’t look undead at all besides the fact that he’s still missing a head.

Circus Magician Vexana skin Cursed Blast skill effect
Screenshot by Amanda Tan/ONE Esports

When she uses Cursed Blast, the conjured AOE circle swirls in all shades of pink, with a marvelous golden glow.

Her ultimate, Eternal Guard, also uses the same shades, summoning a magical missile to its location.

Circus Magician Vexana skin Battle Emote
Screenshot by Amanda Tan/ONE Esports

Perhaps the best part of this exclusive Starlight skin is its anime-themed Battle Emote, which makes Vexana look pretty and cute at the same time. We daresay it looks even better than the splashart.

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