Released in February this year, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s resident vampire mage Cecilion will be receiving a second skin, The Illusionist, alongside his lover, Carmilla.

Decked out in full blown David Copperfield style, The Illusionist Cecilion rears long coat tails, broad shoulder pads, knee-high boots, sharp golden embellishments, and a big yellow bow tie, which makes us wonder if he’s more magician or circus ring master?

Screenshot by Amanda Tan/ONE Esports

Complementing the classic black and maroon magician colors, his in-game blood red skill effects are now various shades of purple. He also gets struck by the occasional yellow lightning when Sanguine Claws and Bat Impact are used.

The best part of The Illusionist Cecilion has to be his fresh blonde hair and redesigned staff that truly makes this skin enchanting. With golden wisps and a glowing lilac crystal in the centre, you’ll no longer be embracing the night, but instead, looking towards the light.

Towards the end of his official skin trailer, Carmilla is shown standing by him. We can only see her back view, but it’s enough to confirm that Moonton will be rolling out a complementary magician-themed skin for his lover in the near future.

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