Move over Toy Rex Barats, Candy Bear Jawhead is now the most adorable skin that will grace the Land of Dawn next month.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has released the teaser for Candy Bear Jawhead, the Starlight skin for the month of June, featuring the re-imagining of Jawhead as a children’s toy.

What does Candy Bear Jawhead look like?

The skin presents Jawhead as a giant pink teddy bear walking around the battlefield with a candy dispenser as a cannon, and a giant heart on both his hands. He also has crayon markings on his forehead and a fairy wings costume on his back.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang skin, Candy Bear Jawhead
Screenshot by Julan Elona/ONE Esports

Ellie, the little girl who’s riding Jawhead, also had a makeover. She now sports an orange bob cut and wears a purple pyjama, making it seem like it’s all fun and games for the duo.

Candy Bear Jawhead’s abilities

The skin features numerous visual upgrades to fit the playful aesthetic. Smart Missiles now launch 12 glowing gummy bears at random while Ejector now emits pink and white smoke as you fling enemies.

His ultimate, Unstoppable Force, briefly summons a glowing star before a rainbow trail appears as you charge onto an unsuspecting enemy.

Candy Bear Jawhead will be available at the Starlight section on June 1.

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