Jawhead, the Steel Sweetheart, is in the spotlight again after he received a buff in patch 1.7.20. The base damage on his first skill, Smart Missiles, was increased along with its physical damage scaling.

This small change caught the eye of Blacklist International‘s assistant coach Aniel “Master the Basics” Jiandani. In one of his recent videos on YouTube, Master The Basics revealed a new rotation to fully maximize jungle Jawhead’s fast jungle clear in the early game.

According to him, the aim of this new rotation is capable of limiting the enemy jungler to just one buff in the first few minutes.

Master The Basics’ smart jungle Jawhead rotation will help you climb to Mythic rank

To maximize his early game damage, Master The Basics went with the High and Dry talent in the Assassin Emblem tree. This is crucial, as Jawhead will be invading the enemy jungle early on in the game.

Unlike most jungler rotations where securing the Lithowanderer is a must after getting the red buff, this rotation requires jungle Jawhead to invade the enemy jungle right after securing his own red and blue buff.

By the time the opposing side secures the Lithowanderer, Jawhead has already three buffs and is guaranteed one high level higher compared to the enemy jungler. This is also where the High and Dry talent comes in, as he’ll have an advantage in a 1v1 if the enemy goes straight to his second buff after securing the first.

If your opponent went for their red buff first, Master The Basics recommends going straight to their blue buff after securing red. This now boils down to who is faster in using their Retribution battle spell.

Best item build for jungle Jawhead in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

  • Magic Shoes with Ice Retribution
  • Hunter Strike
  • Blade of Heptaseas
  • Malefic Roar
  • Immortality
  • Blade of Despair

Hunter Strike, Blade of Heptaseas, and Malefic Roar are essential items to increase his burst damage. The remaining two items will depend on the enemy lineup and whether your team is ahead or trailing in the mid to late game.

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