In the hands of a good player, the mage hero Gord can be a pure menace in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. He possesses an arsenal of skills that can quickly melt HP bars, making him a lethal threat in both the lane and in team fights.

His ultimate, Mystic Gush, is considered one of the most powerful offensive weapons in the game especially when his passive, Mystic Favor, procs.

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The combination of these abilities allows him to deal sustained magic damage per second to enemy units in a specified direction plus True Damage, which means that even durable heroes can be killed.

Despite this, Gord can be dealt with if you know what heroes to choose against him. In fact, there are several picks that can exploit the weaknesses of the Professor of the Mystic.

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These heroes have the tools to counter Gord in Mobile Legends


If you’re looking to match with the Professor of the Mystic in the midlane, Kagura is the only hero you need.

One of Gord’s main weaknesses is his lack of mobility, and Kagura excels in this area. Her first skill, Seimei Umbrella Open, allows her to throw her umbrella to a designated area, and she can instantly teleport to its location using the same skill. This ability allows her to dodge skill shots and get out of the range of his ultimate.

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Moreover, her ultimate, Yin Yang Overturn, has a displacement effect. If you use it correctly, this skill can disrupt the mage’s positioning and interrupt his skill casting, especially his ultimate which requires him to stand still.

You can also use this combo starting with Seimei Umbrella Open, then follow up with burst damage using your second skill, Rasho Umbrella Flee, which can quickly whittle down the enemy mage’s health.

More than the superior mobility and poke damage, you also can dispel debuffs and gain a shield which increases your survivability against the hero.


The bane of all low-durability heroes is Saber— slow, squishy Gord included.

As Saber, you can deal significant burst damage with your skill combination, especially when synchronized with your ultimate, Triple Sweep. This allows you to quickly eliminate Gord, who lacks any form of durability.

Similarly, your ultimate is a lockdown ability that suppresses a single enemy and deals damage. This can be used to interrupt the enemy mage’s ultimate. Even if he uses Purify, you will have already eliminated his most powerful weapon, lessening his kill potential.

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To do this wait for the enemy mage to use his skills, then dash in to attack. With the enemy hero’s low durability and lack of escape skills, you can take him down before he gets a chance to react.

You also have the mobility advantage which allows you to dodge his skills, especially Mystic Projectile and Mystic Gush. With Gord having no escape abilities, this makes him readily in danger when you get near him.


If you’re fond of playing fighters, Arlott is a good option when dealing with Gord.

More than the inherent durability advantage, the fighter is deceivingly mobile, able to weave through the enemy to get to the backlines where the mage typically positions himself.

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At close combat, Gord has no answer to Arlott, who deals sustained damage.

Most importantly, his skill set allows him to disrupt the mage’s casting, particularly his ultimate which requires him to stay still. This disruption can prevent him from fully utilizing his abilities, reducing his damage output and impact in fights.

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