Angela, the Bunnylove, is an android in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang created by a scientist to help others.

Her signature ability lets her attach herself to an allied hero, aiding them in the battlefield by giving them a massive shield, healing them, and immobilizing their target.

In this comprehensive ONE Esports guide, you’ll learn how to effectively play one of the most popular support heroes in the Land of Dawn.

Angela’s skills in Mobile Legends

Skill icon of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang support hero Angela's passive Smart Heart
Credit: ONE Esports

Passive – Smart Heart

Angela gains extra movement speed for several seconds each time she casts a skill (up to a certain percentage).

When she’s attached to an allied hero, the movement speed boost is transferred to the allied hero.

First skill – Love Waves

Angela sends Love Waves in the target direction, dealing magic damage to enemies hit, revealing their positions briefly, and applying a stack of Lover’s Mark (up to a certain number of stacks).

Each stack of Lover’s Mark increases the damage of this skill, and slows enemies hit.

Love Waves also restore HP to allied heroes hit. Angela can store up to five charges of this skill. Its recharge time is decreased with cooldown reduction.

  • Acquire Love Waves at the start of the game to gain charges. Use it to poke enemies or heal your allies in the lane.
  • Since this is her healing and main damage spell, prioritize maxing it out first.
  • Casting Love Waves also restores health for Angela herself, so use it when you are low on HP.
  • It’s essential to build up your magic power to amplify the skill’s healing effect. Therefore, if you’re a roamer, buy magic items instead of defensive equipment.
  • Additionally, purchase cooldown reduction items to improve its recharge time.
  • Use Love Waves to reveal enemies hiding in bushes, effectively stopping any gank attempts.

Second skill – Puppet-on-a-String

Angela launches a Puppet String at the target enemy, dealing magic damage and gradually slowing them. If the enemy is still connected to the string after a few seconds, they’ll be immobilized and dealt magic damage.

Each stack of Lover’s Mark increases the final damage.

  • To maximize Puppet-on-a-String, use it on your target when you’ve hit them with Love Waves twice or thrice.
  • Use Hero Lock Mode or Skill Smart Targeting to make sure you hit your intended target.
  • Once the string attaches to an enemy hero, position yourself in the area you think they’ll likely retreat to, then immobilize them and cut off their escape.

Ultimate – Heartguard

Angela begins channeling, applying a massive shield that lasts for a few seconds to the target allied hero regardless of distance. After the channeling is complete, she attaches herself to the allied hero for several seconds, during which she can cast skills at zero mana cost.

She can cast this skill again to cancel the channeling or detach herself from the allied hero. The attaching state will end early if the allied hero is killed.

  • Map awareness is key to maximizing Heartguard. Always look at the mini-map and health indicator of your allies beside the skill button to determine which of them needs your help the most.
  • Once you attach to an ally, Love Waves charges will be full. Since you can cast skills without mana cost, keep using your first skill to heal and speed up your ally, while slowing down their target.
  • Similar to Love Waves, buying magic items will enhance Heartguard, greatly increasing its shield effect.
  • If you cast Heartguard on a dying ally who most likely won’t survive, it’s better to just cancel the channeling of the spell to avoid an unnecessary death.
  • You can also detach yourself early so you can quickly escape if the situation is unfavorable to you.
  • Angela is untargetable during the attaching state of Heartguard, but can be interrupted by AoE crowd control effects that cancel channeling skills. So, as much as possible, stay away from enemies, or hide in bushes when you intend to use Heartguard.
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A comprehensive guide on how to play Angela in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Recommended battle spell

Recommended battle spells for Angela in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Credit: ONE Esports

Since Angela lacks a reliable mobility spell, it is highly recommended to choose Flicker or Sprint.

Use them primarily to escape from approaching enemies, especially when the allied hero on whom you used Heartguard on dies.

Furthermore, opt for Sprint if the enemy team possesses numerous spells with slowing effects.

Recommended emblem

Recommended emblem set for Angela in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Credit: ONE Esports

As Angela, the Support emblem is the most optimal choice, for it grants a significant boost to healing effect, cooldown reduction, and movement speed.

However, if your team lacks magic damage, choose the Mage emblem because it provides a substantial amount of magic power and penetration, as well as cooldown reduction.

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Select Agility in the first tier for additional movement speed, and Bargain Hunter in the second tier for reduced price of items.

In the last tier, pick Focusing Mark to increase the damage of your allies for several seconds. Alternatively, you can opt for Lethal Ignition to deal extra adaptive damage against enemies.

Angela best build

Best item build and battle setup for Angela in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Credit: ONE Esports

It’s important to note that magic power enhances Angela’s healing and shield effects, so get items that provide these attributes. Additionally, it’s advisable to buy equipment that provide cooldown reduction and mana regeneration to maximize your potential as a support.

Start with Magic Shoes, and equip it with the Favor roaming blessing if you’re a roamer to amplify your healing capabilities.

Acquire Fleeting Time as your first core item to significantly reduce the cooldown of Heartguard whenever you score a hero kill or assist.

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Follow up with Enchanted Talisman to further reduce the cooldown of your skills, and quickly restore your mana.

Purchase Ice Queen Wand to amplify your slowing effect, and Necklace of Durance to weaken the shield and HP regen effects of opponents. If your allies already have anti-heal items or skills, opt for Holy Crystal instead of Necklace for a higher magic power.

Finally, buy Blood Wings, which gives the highest amount of magic power in the game, along with a huge shield and extra movement speed.

The best build for Angela in Mobile Legends

  • Magic Shoes (with Favor roaming blessing)
  • Fleeting Time
  • Enchanted Talisman
  • Ice Queen Wand
  • Necklace of Durance
  • Blood Wings

Easy combos to learn

Mobile Legends Angela Shanghai Maiden skin wallpaper
Credit: Moonton Games

Get Love Waves at the start of the game, and use it to apply pressure against your opponent during the laning stage. When you’ve hit them twice or thrice, hold them down using Puppet-on-a-String, and continue hitting them with the remaining charges of Love Waves.

Alternatively, you can use Love Waves to heal your teammates, allowing them to stay in the lane and continuously farm minions.

During team fights, cast Heartguard on your ally jungler or EXP laner, since they are the ones who are on the frontline. If your gold laner is under a lot of pressure, use Heartguard on them instead.

EXP laner
Gold laner
Mid laner

Once you’ve attached yourself to a teammate using your ultimate, keep casting Love Waves and Puppet-on-a-String to inflict damage to your target and slow them down, while healing your ally and boosting their movement speed.

Always be ready anytime to cast Heartguard on the right ally at the right moment by minding your positioning.

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