After months of waiting and numerous art style changes, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has finally released the teaser for Ba-tender Baxia, a unique skin that will surely turn heads in the Land of Dawn.

In the trailer, Baxia has grown a full beard, and wears a suit and bowtie, making it one of the classiest skins in the game. However, what had people talking is his two shields that are now… giant dartboards?

What are enhanced animations of Ba-tender Baxia?

First off, Baxia-Shield Unity now turns Baxia into a giant, spinning dartboard. He also now throws dartboards instead of his usual shield when Shield of Spirit is cast.

Lastly, his ultimate Tortoise’s Puissance now leaves a glowing blue trail of lava behind him that continuously deals damage.

Is Ba-tender Baxia worth it?

People have been playing Baxia more and more with the rise of utility supports in the meta, for his passive, Baxia Mark, reduces the regeneration effects of enemies he attacks.

With that in mind, it’s a wise decision to get the skin as you can expect to pick Baxia most of the time in your ranked games. Since you’ll be playing him a lot, why not equip Ba-tender Baxia and defeat your pesky enemies with style?

Plus, he wears a suit and bowtie to a battlefield. Now that’s badass!

Ba-tender Baxia will be available in-game soon.

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