Eugene “Kayzeepi” Kong was Resurgence’s team captain and shotcaller, and was a major factor in the team’s exceptional performance.

Kayzeepi showed great versatility playing a number of heroes throughout the regular season, but his performance on Atlas in game one of the grand final was truly a standout.

In game one of the grand final, he pulled off a clutch 3-man Fatal Links on Atlas under tower using Flicker, which snowballed the game in their favor.

Here are five tips from the captain himself to up your Atlas game.

1. Set up for success! Run Tank Emblem and Flicker

Depending on the opponent’s line up, I recommend you choose between Shield, which gives magic defense, or Firmness, which provides physical defense. Next, put points into Inspire for cooldown reduction, followed by Tenacity.

For Atlas, Flicker is important as it helps you make plays so that you can look cool (like me).

2. Key itemizations

Similar to emblems, you’ll need to adapt your boots accordingly. If you’re going against assassins and marksmen, definitely build Warrior Boots. If you’re fighting against magic damage dealers, go for Tough Boots.

My core item is Immortality because Atlas is all about finding opportunities. Immortality gives you more chances to create them.

I will adapt the rest of my items based on the enemy. You can go for Athena’s Shield which is a good item to take regardless, followed by Demon’s Wings and Cursed Helmet.

Once you’re comfortable on Atlas, buy Molten Essence first to deal more damage to enemy units in the area around you since you’ll be roaming.

3. Max out Perfect Match and combo well

Perfect Match sets up your ultimate and is your primary engage spell, so I would use this skill whenever possible.

If you really want to max Annihilate first, that’s fine too. Atlas is very tanky after all, and his passive is great against melee heroes in close combat.

When casting Perfect Match, right before Atlas merges with his mech, cast Annihilate to deal two circles AoEs to maximize your damage.

4. Strategize in detail

At the early levels, clear waves and help your marksman or mage tank red or blue buff. In the mid game, roam and look for engages for your team.

Remember, Atlas is a hero that purely sets up plays. His damage is low and he won’t be able to secure kills by himself. If it means your carries can deal more damage to win the fight, it’s fine if you die as a tank.

When playing with friends, tell them where they should stand, or ask them to wait for you to engage before following up.

You should always be standing forward. By doing so, you can get vision of the enemy team and information on where they are.

5. Make sure Fatal Links is fatal

Use Perfect Match, then cast your ultimate. Use Fatal Links only when there are at least two enemies, or if you manage to catch a carry in the back line. In the late game, ult five enemies if possible.

You can hold the first cast of Fatal Links for longer before letting go to send enemies into your team.

As I always say, easy game, easy life.

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