The ‘Feeding Diggie‘ strategy earned Eugene “Kayzeepi” Kong an MVP in MPL MY/SG S6 Week 2 in Resurgence’s second game against Orange Esports Louvre. Like the rest of us, the Resurgence captain did not hear about this strategy until Aura PH showcased it back in MPL PH Week 1.

However, he wasn’t surprised, because he acknowledges that there are many professional teams out there who are always trying to break the meta. For this season in particular, “there are definitely many ways of winning the game,” said Kayzeepi. “Everyone has their meta and there isn’t any meta right now that can win all other metas yet.”

He believes that the consequence of having a Feeding Diggie meta means that hypercarries would have to learn how to play around it, while coaches would need to understand how to draft against it.

What is the Feeding Diggie strategy and how to do you execute it?

In his Feeding Diggie game against Orange Esports Louvre, Kayzeepi spent a large amount of time disrupting the enemy’s farm. “You have to do the job in the early game to groom your team. I feel I deserved the MVP because if the game was lost, it would have been on me.”

For Mobile Legends: Bang Bang players who are keen to execute the Feeding Diggie strategy in their ranked games, Kayzeepi’s top advice is to avoid using it into Hilda. A tank Hilda is capable of using her ultimate, Power Of Wildness, to gain eight full stacks and shutdown your carry.

He assures that you’re supposed to die on Diggie, as long as you keep disrupting the enemy team until you hit level ten. From there, your focus changes. Your goal is to use his ultimate, Time Journey, to protect your allies well.

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