Want to shine like a diamond in Summoner’s Rift? Now you can with the new Worlds 2022 drops, featuring skin chromas and a ward skin in partnership with luxury jewel brand, Tiffany and Co.

Tiffany and Co. redesigned this year’s Worlds championship trophy, giving it a modern look and a more ergonomic form. Now, players can be reminded of the Summoner’s Cup’s new look with the drops-exclusive ward skin every time they play League of Legends. For Tiffany and Co. fans, the ward trophy also comes with the brand’s iconic blue boxes to celebrate the partnership.

Lucky players will have a chance to earn this lovely ward skin (and many other rewards) for free just by tuning in to this year’s World Championship.

How to get free Crystal Rose chromas, a ward skin, and more at Worlds 2022

  1. Log in to your LoL Esports account. Be sure that your account is opted into getting rewards.
  2. Tune in live from the Group Stage to the Finals on the website to get a chance to win Tiffany and Co. drops.

You will get a chance to win one redeemable code for exclusive Tiffany and Co. Crystal Rose chroma in-game cosmetics. Codes and champions will vary per drop according to an official statement by Riot Games.

Worlds 2022 Tiffany and Co. drops

Chroma codes can be redeemed only once in the client.

Worlds 2022 Rewards Capsule

Worlds 2022 drops and capsules
Credit: Riot Games

There are two ways to get a Worlds 2022 Rewards Capsule, either through drops or Pick’em. Lucky viewers will get one item at random from the following:

  • One of the Worlds-exclusive Icons or Emotes for 2022 (excluding team logos)
  • 1x 2022 Esports Capsule
  • 1x Hextech Chest & Key

How to get Worlds 2022 Rewards Capsule through drops

  1. Log in to your LoL Esports account.
  2. Watch live Worlds 2022 games on the LoL Esports website to get a chance to win rewards.

How to get Worlds 2022 Rewards Capsule through Pick’em

  1. Log in to your Riot Games account to access the LoL Pick’Em website.
  2. Predict which teams will win matches from the Play-Ins to the Finals. If you rank high enough at the end of the tournament, you will win a Worlds 2022 Capsule and exclusive in-game content.

Pick’em is available to play in all regions except for the Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and many other countries.

The best dates and times to earn Worlds 2022 drops

Worlds 2022 Play-In Stage in Mexico
Credit: Ingrid Muhlenbrock/Riot Games

You can get Worlds 2022 drops during specific moments of the tournament. Riot Games will always drop loot when there is a pentakill, and they might drop loot when there is a triple kill, quadra kill, or during opening and closing ceremonies.

There will also be guaranteed drops at the beginning of the first game of each stage.

Play-InsSeptember 29, 1 p.m. PST | 9 p.m. GMT | September 30, 4 a.m. GMT+8Isurus vs. MAD Lions
Group StageOctober 7, 2 p.m. PST | 10 p.m. GMT | October 8, 5 a.m. GMT+8Cloud9 vs. TBA

(To be updated)

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