Updated on July 6, 2:20 p.m. (GMT+8): Added more details on Joyeux Vouchers.

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Mondstadt’s fashion scene expands beyond Diluc’s Red Dead of Night outfit.

His little brother, Kaeya, steps into the limelight with a stunning new ensemble in Genshin Impact version 3.8.

Dubbed “Sailwind Shadow,” the Kaeya skin showcases the charismatic Cavalry Captain of the Knights of Favonius, donning a theatrical outfit from his portrayal as the Dagger Bandit in the Secret Summer Paradise event.

In this getup, the 4-star Cryo character is wearing an intricate long-sleeved top and cream-colored baggy pants. The swirly patterns and golden accents on his costume pay homage to the Sumeru region, reminiscent of the uniforms worn by members and students of the Akademiya, as well as other playable characters like Nahida and Alhaitham.

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How to get your free Kaeya skin “Sailwind Shadow” in the Genshin summer event 2023

To obtain this free Kaeya skin, players need to participate in the Genshin summer event 2023 titled “Secret Summer Paradise” starting July 5 and collect a total of 150 Joyeux Vouchers by participating in the event’s mini-games and exploring the special event area, Veluriyam Mirage.

Joyeux Vouchers can be found inside Voucher Boxes and Fascinating Chests scattered around the map. Players can also win these vouchers when they complete Choo-Choo Cart challenges.

Kaeya skin "Sailwind Shadow" from Genshin Impact full preview
Credit: HoYoverse

Genshin summer event 2023 “Secret Summer Paradise” eligibility and requirements

  • Adventure Rank 18 or above
  • Complete the Archon quest “Song of the Dragon and Freedom”

HoYoverse also recommends that you first complete the Archon Quest “Akasha Pulses, the Kalpa Flame Rises,” Eula’s Story Quest “Aphros Delos Chapter: Act I,” and Sangonomiya Kokomi’s Story Quest “Dracaena Somnolenta Chapter: Act I.”

Alternatively, you can click on “Quick Start” if you have not yet completed these quests.

Genshin Impact summer event 2023 key visual "Secret Summer Paradise"
Credit: HoYoverse

Like other 4-star character skins, this Kaeya skin will be a free event reward for all players.

HoYoverse previously released Lisa’s A Sobriquet Under ShadeFischl’s Ein Immernachstraum skinNingguang’s Orchid’s Evening Gown skin, and Barbara’s Summertime Sparkle skin, which were all obtainable during their respective events.

After the end of Version 3.8, “Sailwind Shadow” will be available for purchase in the Character Outfit Shop for 1,680 Genesis Crystals.

Even if you don’t own Kaeya, you can still get his skin, which will unlock once you acquire the 4-star character.

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