Thousands of Redditors have spoken, and the spot for the most popular Pokémon has gone to the dual Fire/Flying type Charizard.

While there were over 52,000 Reddit survey participants, only about 1,100 voted for Charizard, the final evolved form of the Fire type pocket monster Charmander. But that was enough for the lizard-ish Pokémon to take the top spot.

Charizard also came on top of the favorite list for each Pokémon generation (hailing from Gen 1) and each type (Fire).

Here are the ten Pokémon ranked according to Redditors.

  1. Charizard (1107 votes)
  2. Gengar (1056 votes)
  3. Arcanine (923 votes)
  4. Bulbasaur (710 votes)
  5. Blaziken (613 votes)
  6. Umbreon (607 votes)
  7. Lucario (604 votes)
  8. Gardevoir (585 votes)
  9. Eevee (581 votes)
  10. Dragonite (551 votes)

The survey was generated by Redditor u/mamamia1001 to prove to everyone that “Every Pokémon is someone’s favorite.” Silcoon, Gothita, Eelektrik, and Yungoos were surprisingly the four Pokémon revealed to have no votes.

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