Are you ready to jam to Pokemon and Katy Perry’s new song, “Electric?”

The pop star just dropped fresh teaser photos and videos on her social media showing herself in platinum blonde hair and a crocheted top.

Her name is styled in a way that resembles Pikachu’s signature yellow color and lightning bolt-shaped tail.

Pokemon and Katy Perry, Pokemon P25 Music, Electric song, Pikachu
Credit: Katy Perry

Here’s our first listen to Katy Perry and Pikachu’s song, “Electric”

In another poster, Pokemon and Katy Perry are seen together. The Electric-type Pokemon, Pikachu, looks very happy and excited to have Katy Perry next to it.

Pokemon and Katy Perry, Pokemon P25 Music, Electric song, Pikachu
Credit: Katy Perry

The track already sounds like a synth-pop banger based on the eight-second clip that she released.

Katy Perry is actually a big fan of Pokemon herself. She used to trade her POGS for Pokemon cards during lunchtime back in her junior high days, the star revealed in a tweet.

“Pokémon has been a constant in my life, from playing the original video games on my Game Boy to trading Pokémon TCG cards at lunch, to the adventures of catching Pokémon on the street with Pokémon GO,” shared Katy Perry in a statement.

“Electric” drops at May 14, 12:00 P.M. GMT+8. You can pre-save the song here.

Pokemon ft. Katy Perry, Post Malone, and other artistes

Pokémon, Post Malone, virtual concert
Credit: Pokémon

Earlier this year, Post Malone kicked off the Pokemon P25 Music program with his very own virtual concert. Post Malone’s virtual concert showed the rapper’s virtual avatar in different backdrops filled with Pokemon of all types. He sang all his hits like Psycho, Circles, and Congratulations.

Post Malone even performed a special version of Hootie & the Blowfish’s 90s song “Only Wanna Be With You,” which included samples of the Ecruteak City Theme from Pokemon Gold and Silver.

Post Malone’s “Only Wanna Be With You” (Pokemon 25 version) arouses nostalgia, especially from gamers who grew up playing Pokemon as their childhood game.

The Pokemon P25 Music program

To celebrate 25 years since the video game’s first release, the Pokemon P25 Music program was announced earlier this year.

The program includes some of the biggest names in the music industry like Post Malone, Katy Perry, and J-Balvin, who will all be working on Pokemon-inspired songs to be included in a digital album set for release later this year.

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