Carry a piece of your favorite Electric-type Pokémon anywhere you go with Casio’s new Baby-G Pikachu watch!

This timepiece is a must-have for those who are into flushed shades and playful designs. The overall theme of this Baby-G pink Pikachu watch is “outdoors” reflected on its strap pattern full of Pikachu silhouettes in different colors to form a camouflage pattern.

Credit: Baby-G Japan

Looking at the watch’s face, the tips of the hands contain black and white details, both attached to a golden yellow cog to resemble Pikachu’s face. The cog is sitting on top of a lovely pink and peach divider with a tiny text that says “Pikachu #025,” the pocket monster’s official Pokédex number. Meanwhile, the back cover is engraved with an art line of a female Pikachu, complete with its heart-shaped tail.

To make things more special, this pink Baby-G Pikachu watch comes in a special Pokéball packaging which is just perfect if you’re planning to gift it to your trainer friends.

This watch is priced at US$193 (JP¥20,000) and will be available in Japan next month, February 5. Its full specs can be viewed here.

Baby-G previously released a black Pikachu watch to celebrate the game’s 25th anniversary. This Baby-G Pikachu watch is a completely different model than the pink one, featuring a digital display and very colorful thunder tails on the strap reminiscent of the 90s when the game was first released.

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