BOOM Esports’ dominance secured the crown at DPC SEA Winter Regional Finals during the weekend, though unforeseen internet problems for opponents T1 might have soured the victory a little.

The Indonesian organization won the series 3-1, led by midlaner Erin Jasper “Yopaj” Ferrer. The 20-year-old’s star is rapidly rising, and further cemented his reputation as one of Southeast Asia’s brightest young talents after a grand finals where he had a KDA of 57-5-30 over four games.

BOOM added Souliya “JaCkky” Khoomphetsavong as a stand-in during the break between the conclusion of DPC SEA Div I Tour 1 and the Winter Regional Finals and became the team to beat throughout the tournament.

A smooth 2-0 series against Team SMG on the first day boded well, but BOOM fell to T1 in the upper bracket final. Coming back with a vengeance on the final day, however, BOOM took down SMG once more in the lower bracket final 2-1, booking a date in the finals with T1.

Yopaj leads BOOM Esports to red-hot start in DPC SEA Winter Regional Finals grand finals

BOOM came roaring out of the gates, taking the first two games swiftly. T1’s resistance was futile, amassing just eight total kills in games one and two, while BOOM racked up 47. Yopaj’s Kunkka in both games was the driving force for BOOM, landing skillshots, outputting tons of damage with Tidebringer, and proved impossible to kill—not dying even once—presenting an unpleasant conundrum for T1.

In the third game, it looked like BOOM was well on its way to secure a clean sweep. They were in a commanding position through the mid-game, but a cornered T1 struck back hard.

Kim “Gabbi” Villafuerte Santos, whose Templar Assassin managed to stay on top of the net worth charts, helped T1 weather the tough stretches. T1 was able to get some clutch pickoffs throughout the game to keep the ravenous BOOM off them, finally breaking through with a decisive fight at the 40-minute mark.

Gabbi’s double rampage broke BOOM wide open, letting T1 claim their first win in the series. Even in a losing effort, Yopaj still put in an 18-3-9 performance on Queen of Pain.

T1 entered game four with renewed confidence, despite ongoing connection issues with midlaner Karl “Karl” Matthew Baldovino forcing them to seek an emergency stand-in. Though the game was dead even heading into the mid-game around 15 minutes, BOOM went from strength to strength, winning multiple small skirmishes with barely any losses on their side, amassing a 10,000 net worth lead in the 10 minutes thereafter.

T1 refused to give up, however. In the 25th minute, T1 caught JaCkky’s top net worth Templar Assassin, a play that would help turn the game state around. But BOOM’s Rolen Andrei Gabriel “skem” Ong had other ideas, executing a brilliantly-timed save on Bane.

Skem’s Bane continued to have a massive impact, executing key saves throughout the game whenever T1 thought they had an opportunity. Eventually, T1 had no answer for BOOM’s two ranged cannons in Templar Assassin and Lina, and could only watch as their throne crumbled.

BOOM will finish the season with an extra US$50,000 and 150 DPC points, down from 250, since the org received a 40% points deduction for using a stand-in during the DPC SEA Winter Regional Finals.

T1 received two separate deductions for fielding Gabbi and Mc Nicholson “Lelouch-“ Villanueva, earning just 46.8 DPC points, and US$20,000 for second place.

If you missed the grand finals of the DPC SEA Winter Regional Finals, you can watch all four games of the grand finals on Beyond the Summit’s official YouTube channel.

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