Getting stream sniped is a common nuisance for all the top dogs in Call of Duty Warzone, but OpTic Gaming streamer Zack “ZLaner” Lane really got the short end of the stick when his own father managed to get into the same lobby as him.

Most stream snipers keep a low profile until they secure the big-name kill they want, but ZLaner’s father, aptly named PAPALaner in-game, immediately called the streamer to give him the bad news.

ZLaner’s father stream snipes him in Call of Duty Warzone

The incident took place halfway through Z’s February 10 Facebook Gaming stream. While his usual squadmates were hitting him up for a trio queue, he received an ambiguous message from PAPALaner.

Curious about the message, he hopped into a voice call with PAPALaner to find out what was going on.

“You’re not going to believe it. I’m actually trying to stream snipe you and I think I’m in your lobby right now,” said his dad.

Laughing throughout the in-match lobby, Z proposed that they meet up at Peak, a hot spot of interest for Operators looking for early kills.

PAPALaner also confidently predicted that he would get to the helicopter before Z. And sure enough, PAPA landed first and was just milliseconds faster than Z, boarding the helicopter first from the side and instantly slicing through his son who came from the top.

From Z’s point of view, you can see an Operator zipping right underneath him, likely PAPALaner himself.

After the race, Z’s dad couldn’t help but drive home the truth of what people mean when they say that the student becomes the master.

“Hey, you’ve been teaching me. You should’ve never told me when to pull chute over Peak. I’ve been practicing and staying up late,” laughed PAPALaner.

While we definitely don’t condone stream sniping, PAPA’s victory in the race to the helicopter definitely earns him bragging rights. The two soon jumped into a duo queue to enjoy a bit of father-son bonding.

You can watch how it all went down on ZLaner’s official Twitter account.

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