Are you looking for more anime like Kaiju no 8 to scratch that monster-mashing itch?

A refreshing take on the monster-hunting genre, Kaiju no 8 balances thrilling action with a captivating story that follows the underdog protagonist, Kafka Hibino. Seamlessly blending gory action with lighthearted humor, is there anything out there that can compare?

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If you’re looking for more anime with similar vibes to Kaiju no 8, we have a variety of options that you should check out and add to your watch list.

Grab your snacks and drinks and check out these 5 anime like Kaiju no 8.

What is Kaiju no 8 about?

Kaiju no 8 supporting characters Iharu Furuhashi and Haruichi Izumo seen in episode 3 of season 1 participating in the final Defense Force test
Credit: Toho Animation, Shueisha, Production I.G, Naoya Matsumoto
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Constantly under siege by monsters called Kaiju, Japan was forced to form a specialized Defense Corps to fight for survival.

Leftover from these battles are the gruesome remains, dealt with by “sweepers” like 32-year-old Kafka Hibino. Unfulfilled by his job, Kafka yearns to join the Defense Corps himself, a dream he abandoned after failing the entrance exam multiple times.

Kaiju no 8 supporting characters Soshiro Hoshina and Konomi Okonogi seen in episode 3 of season 1 viewing all the Defense Force applicants
Credit: Toho Animation, Shueisha, Production I.G, Naoya Matsumoto
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When a young and enthusiastic trainee named Leno joins his cleaning team, Kafka’s desire is reignited.

A bizarre twist of fate changes everything after Kafka encounters a parasitic Kaiju that transforms him into one of the monsters he cleans up daily.

Now with his newfound power, Kafka has a unique opportunity to finally pursue his lifelong dream.

5 anime like Kaiju no 8

Attack on Titan

Eren as the Attack Titan for the nine titans in Attack on Titan
Credit: Official AOT site

If you enjoyed the intense battles and monstrous threats of Kaiju no 8, then Attack on Titan might be right up your alley.

In a world confined by giant walls to escape monstrous Titans, Eren Jaeger witnesses his hometown’s destruction and vows revenge. He joins the military to fight the Titans and uncover the secrets behind their existence.

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Both series share a world constantly under attack by terrifying creatures—Kaiju in Kaiju no 8 and Titans in Attack on Titan. These giant threats force humanity to band together for survival, requiring the need for specialized military units to protect humankind.

While both series deal with humanity’s struggle against monstrous foes, there are some key differences.

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Kaiju no 8 leans more towards action and adventure, with a lighter tone and a focus on Kafka’s journey to become a monster hunter despite his unconventional transformation. Attack on Titan, with Eren Yeager at its center, dives into a much darker and more political world.

If you don’t mind a darker story with a more serious tone, consider adding Attack on Titan to your watchlist.

Chainsaw Man

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Credit: MAPPA, ONE Esports
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Both Kaiju no 8 and Chainsaw Man feature protagonists who are thrust into extraordinary circumstances.

Denji, a dirt-poor teen burdened by debt, fuses with his beloved pet chainsaw devil named Pochita. Reborn as a half-devil Chainsaw Man, he joins the Devil Hunters to fight demons in hopes that one day he can live a simple life.

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Kafka and Denji, the respective leads, find themselves wielding immense power derived from monstrous entities – Kaiju in Kaiju no 8 and Devils in Chainsaw Man. This newfound power comes at a cost, forcing them to navigate a dangerous world while grappling with their own humanity.

However, their similarities go beyond the power source. Both anime feature breakneck action sequences and aren’t afraid to get bloody. Kaiju no 8 throws down with large-scale Kaiju battles, while Chainsaw Man delivers visceral Devil hunting.

Though Denji’s tale is a bit darker due to his circumstances, we promise you’ll be rooting for him as you did with Kafka.

Parasyte the Maxim

anime like Kaiju no 8, Parasyte the Maxim parasite named Migi
Credit: Madhouse

If there’s one thing Kaiju no 8 and Parasyte the Maxim have in common, it’s that both protagonists were victims of some sort of parasite.

Parasyte the Maxim follows Shinichi Izumi, a teenager who becomes intertwined with a parasitic alien when it fails to take over his brain. Together, they learn to coexist and fight to survive as Shinichi grapples with the blurred line between humans and monsters.

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Both series deliver a thrilling monster story with a unique twist. Kaiju no 8 features monstrous Kaiju threatening humanity, while Parasyte throws humanity into chaos with alien parasites taking over human hosts.

While both Kaiju no 8 and Parasyte the Maxim deliver heart-pounding battles and suspenseful encounters with creatures of all kinds, they both avoid becoming overly gritty or serious.

Parasyte uses the interesting dynamic between Shinichi and Migi for comedic effect, similar to how Kaiju no 8 keeps things light with Kafka’s goofy personality.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion Anime, Shinji Ikari piloting the Evangelion Unit-01
Credit: Gainax, Tatsunoko Production

A well-loved classic, fans of Kaiju no 8 who crave a deeper exploration of giant monster battles with a psychological twist should look no further than Neon Genesis Evangelion.

To fight monstrous Angels threatening humanity, a troubled teen named Shinji pilots a giant bio-machine while confronting his own isolation and the dark secrets of a shadowy organization.

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While Evangelion trades the monstrous Kaiju for bio-engineered beings known as Angels, it delivers the same thrilling giant mecha combat against seemingly unstoppable foes.

However, Evangelion goes a step further by delving into the psyches of its teenage mech pilots, exploring the immense pressure and emotional toll that comes with piloting these powerful machines against existential threats.

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If you enjoyed Kafka’s journey, you’ll find a similar relatable struggle in young Shinji Ikari. The troubled teenage protagonist of Evangelion must overcome his self-doubt so he can carry the weight of humanity’s hope on his shoulders.

Though lacking the comedic relief of Kaiju no 8, Evangelion offers a powerful and thought-provoking journey that transcends the typical giant monster genre.

Demon Slayer

Where to watch Demon Slayer Season 4 Hashira Training Arc Tengen training Tanjirou
Credit: ufotable, Shueisha, Koyoharu Gotouge

Craving more epic monster battles and heroic struggles for humanity’s survival? Demon Slayer delivers a thrilling experience that shares the core elements you love in Kaiju no 8.

Both series pit determined protagonists against seemingly unstoppable foes. While Kaiju no 8 utilizes high-tech weaponry, Demon Slayer showcases the power of human resilience and swordsmanship.

Both feature well-structured organizations like the Demon Slayer Corps and the Defense Force, where recruits train rigorously to become humanity’s last line of defense.

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Like the elite captains in Kaiju, Demon Slayer boasts the Hashira, a group of unrivaled swordsmen with unique techniques to combat the most powerful demons.

Witness Tanjiro Kamado, a kind-hearted young man who embarks on a life-or-death mission to avenge his family and cure his demonized sister. Prepare to be captivated by stunning animation, breathtaking fight sequences, and a story rich with emotion and heart.

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