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Craving colossal creature battles? Kaiju no 8, also known as Monster Number 8, delivers a monstrous punch.

For those eager to devour every episode of this epic monster-battling saga, this guide will provide a complete list of Kaiju no 8 episodes and where you can watch them.

All Solo Leveling episodes and where to watch them
Credit: A-1 Pictures
All Solo Leveling episodes and where to watch them

This series, written and illustrated by Naoya Matsumoto, throws fans into a world constantly threatened by giant, destructive threats.

Witness humanity’s fight for survival against these rampaging beasts and the unexpected heroes who rise to the challenge.

What is Kaiju no 8 about?

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The story follows Kafka Hibino, a young man who acquires the ability to transform into a kaiju after encountering one.

Despite his newfound power, Kafka dreams of joining the Defense Force, an organization dedicated to eliminating kaiju, to fulfill his promise to his childhood friend Mina Ashiro.

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As Kafka learns to control his abilities and pursues his goal of joining the Defense Force, he faces the challenges and responsibilities that come with his unique situation.

All Kaiju no 8 episodes and their release schedule

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Kaiju no 8 premiered on April 13, 2024, and airs every Sunday at 12:30 am (JST) Japanese Standard Time.

1The Man Who Became a KaijuKafka Hibino works as a cleaner tasked with disposing of kaiju carcasses for the Anti-Kaiju Defense Force in Japan. Despite his initial dream of joining the Defense Force, Kafka gives up after failed attempts.

However, after a harrowing experience at work, Kafka decides to pursue his dream once more, with the support of his coworker Reno Ichikawa.
April 13, 2024
2Kaiju beats KaijuFleeing from the Defense Force, a transformed Kafka escapes the hospital with Ichikawa. They encounter a mother and child under attack by another kaiju.April 20, 2024
3Revenge MatchKafka goes head-to-head with Kikoru Shinomiya, the 16-year-old kaiju slaying prodigy.April 28, 2024
4Fortitude 9.8With Ichikawa’s assistance, Kafka reenters the battle. Kikuro manages to defeat the last target, but a strange humanoid kaiju suddenly appears before her.May 5, 2024
5Joining Up!After passing the exam, the successful candidates gather for a ceremony to be sworn in as Defense Force officers, but Kafka is noticeably missing.May 12, 2024

The release times and schedule for international viewers vary depending on their time zone.

JPT (Japan Standard Time)12:30 a.m.
GMT+811:30 p.m.
ET (Eastern Time)11:30 a.m.
PT (Pacific Time)8:30 a.m.
CT (Central Time)10:30 a.m.
GMT (Western European Time)3:30 p.m.
CET (Central European Time)5:30 a.m.
IST (Indian Standard Time)9 p.m.

Where to watch

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You can watch the anime on streaming platforms 

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