Have you devoured Delicious in Dungeon and find yourself with a rumbling tummy for more?

The show’s monster-munching mayhem might seem like a rare recipe, but fret not! We’ve scoured the anime buffet and unearthed some hidden gems that’ll tantalize your taste buds like a perfectly seasoned dungeon dragon.

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We’ve cooked up a list of 5 anime like Delicious in Dungeon that’ll tantalize your taste buds and quench your thirst for adventure.

So, grab your spork and prepare to embark on a delectable new culinary quest!

What is Delicious in Dungeon about?

Anime like Delicious in Dungeon poster art of Laios, Marcille, Chilchuck and Senshi escaping the Red Dragon
Credit: Kadokawa, Studio Trigger, Netflix

Delicious in Dungeon follows Laios, a warrior on a quest to save his sister Falin.

Falin was devoured by a dragon during a dungeon raid, but used her magic to teleport the party to safety. There’s a ticking clock on Laios’s rescue mission. He needs to get to Falin before she’s dissolved completely inside the dragon’s belly.

Delicious in Dungeon Manga Volume 1 Japanese Cover Laios
Credit: Enterbrain, Yen Press, ONE Esports
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The twist? Laios and his remaining party members are broke. To survive and delve deeper into the dungeon, they resort to an unusual strategy – hunting and eating the monsters they encounter, guided by a monster recipe book.

Hilarity ensures as the party experiments with monster cuisine, each bite a gamble between delicious success and a stomach-churning disaster. It’s a rollercoaster ride that blends action, adventure, and laugh-out-loud humor, all served with a side of monster munchies.

X anime like Delicious in Dungeon

Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End

Frieren characters original hero party in their hay day featuring himmel, eisen, and heiter.
Credit: Madhouse
Experience the stunning artwork and captivating story of Frieren in a whole new way with the Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End, Vol. 1 (1) Paperback!

At first glance, Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End and Delicious in Dungeon seem like polar opposites.

Frieren is a melancholic tale of an immortal elf grappling with loss, while Delicious in Dungeon is a lighthearted adventure about a broke party hunting monsters for food. But beneath the surface, they share some surprising similarities.

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Both series subvert fantasy tropes. Frieren explores the aftermath of a grand quest, while Delicious in Dungeon turns dungeon diving into a comedic monster-munching expedition.

Additionally, both prioritize character development. Frieren delves into the personal journeys and background of its cast, while Delicious in Dungeon boasts a quirky and dysfunctional party whose camaraderie shines through the humor and adventure.

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Finally, both create immersive worlds with detailed lore and rules that tie everything together. Frieren’s world explores the impact of long lifespans, while Delicious in Dungeon’s dungeon system has its own unique ecosystem and laws. So, while their tones differ greatly, both Frieren and Delicious in Dungeon offer unique yet familiar stories that you can’t find anywhere else.

Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill

Tsuyoshi and Fel from Campfire Cooking in Another World with my Absurd Skill, anime like Delicious in Dungeon
Credit: MAPPA

Delicious in Dungeon and Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill both share a delightful twist on the classic isekai (transported to another world) genre.

While Delicious in Dungeon focuses on dungeon exploration with a twist – using monster parts for sustenance – Campfire Cooking throws a modern salaryman into another world with the “Supermarket” skill, allowing him to pull out any ingredient imaginable. Both stories revolve around the power of food, with delicious meals acting as a reward, a way to bond with companions, and even a strategic advantage.

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While both involve protagonists transported to fantastical worlds, they ditch the focus on combat and power-ups in favor of a more lighthearted and comedic approach.

Both stories celebrate the power of food to bring people together and overcome challenges, offering a refreshing alternative to the usual isekai fare.

Restaurant to Another World

Restaurant to Another World Kuro, Aletta and the restaurant owner welcoming new guests to the restaurant
Credit: Silver Link

Delicious in Dungeon and Restaurant to Another World might seem like completely different stories, but they share a delightful connection through food and fantasy.

Both stories revolve around the power of food to bridge cultures and create unique experiences, though Restaurant to Another World offers a more relaxed approach compared to Delicious in Dungeon’s monster-munching adventure.

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Both feature protagonists who utilize their culinary expertise in unexpected ways. Laios in Delicious in Dungeon relies on a monster recipe book to turn dungeon exploration into a delicious (and sometimes disastrous) quest for survival. The restaurant owner, the “Master,” uses his culinary skills to connect with his diverse clientele, showcasing the power of food to bridge cultures and spark joy.

While one dives deep into a monster-filled labyrinth, the other opens its doors to a world of wonder, both emphasizing the transformative and unifying power of a delicious meal.

Laid-back Camp

Laid-Back Camp Anime Season 1 Aoi, Nadeshiko, Chiaki, Ena, and Rin camping together
Credit: C-Station

Though Delicious in Dungeon and Laid-Back Camp explore opposite ends of the adventure spectrum – monster-filled dungeons versus cozy campgrounds – they both celebrate the magic of shared experiences that make for a memorable tale.

Laid-Back Camp is a slice-of-life anime that outdoorsy folk will find familiar. It follows a group of girls who simply enjoy the beauty and serenity of camping. Yet, similar to Delicious in Dungeon, the series celebrates the simple joys of preparing and sharing meals outdoors, the warmth of companionship, and the wonder of exploring new environments.

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While Delicious in Dungeon injects adventure and fantasy, both series showcase the power of shared experiences and the simple pleasures that make a journey, be it through a monster-filled dungeon or sipping coffee at a scenic campsite, truly unforgettable.

Diary of our Days at the Breakwater

Natsumi, Yuuki, and Hina from Diary of Our Days at the Breakwater out Fishing
Credit: Doga Kobo

From the perilous expeditions in Delicious in Dungeon to the tranquil fishing trips in Diary of Our Days at the Breakwater, both anime capture the excitement of the chase and the satisfaction that comes from resourcefully acquiring something valuable.

Instead of slaying monsters, the girls in Diary of Our Days at the Breakwater become skilled anglers, casting their lines and patiently waiting for a bite. The ocean becomes their hunting ground, teeming with hidden treasures – not gold and jewels, but beautifully colored fish and the thrill of a successful catch.

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In their own unique ways, both anime also highlight how everyday experiences and the challenges can become opportunities for personal growth and forge strong bonds between characters.

Ultimately, both anime showcase the joy of finding sustenance and satisfaction in unexpected places, whether it’s mastering the culinary arts in a dungeon or reeling in a prize catch from the sparkling ocean.

Frieren: Beyond Journey's End, Vol. 1 paperback cover
Credit: VIZ Media, Kanehito Yamada, Tsukasa Abe

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