Sentinels have won their second North American Ignition Series tournament with a dominant sweep over Team Envy in the Grand Final of the Pop Flash Valorant tournament.

After a heart-breaking loss to TSM in the FaZe Clan Invitational, Jay “Sinatraa” Won and the rest of his teammates came back stronger than ever and the results were on full display in the Pop Flash tournament. 

After dominating their group by defeating both Team Envy and Immortals, Sentinels destroyed the newly signed Dignitas team in the upper bracket semifinal. It is also worth mentioning that Dignitas were the team that defeated and eliminated TSM from the tournament. Meanwhile, Sentinels scored their most impressive tournament map win by executing a perfect 13-0 game against Dignitas during Game 1.

In the Grand Final, it was Sentinels’ Sinatraa who proved yet again why he has a claim as the best Valorant player in the world. Sinatraa was crowned the Pop Flash MVP after his spectacular Grand Final performance where he was the map MVP in all three games.

Sentinels shocked Envy at the start of the match with four nifty kills by Jared “zombs” Gitlin, who hunted down the Envy’s lurking Cypher. He then fought his way into the B-site and gave his team the pistol round win.

After falling behind to Sentinels 8-0, Envy managed to bounce back and won three straight rounds. But in the final round before the half, Sinatraa showed his prowess as a Sova player by getting a perfect Hunter’s Fury ultimate that extended Sentinels’ lead. Sinatraa lined up his ultimate by running towards mid outside Garage and shot his Hunter’s Fury that covered C-site’s default and back-site, which caught two Envy agents defending the spike.

After taking a convincing 13-9 finish on Haven, Sentinels continued to steamroll through Envy by earning an even more convincing 11-1 lead at halftime on Bind. After an unbelievable Sova game, Sinatraa followed it up with an equally impressive Phoenix performance.

Players can learn a lot from watching how Sinatraa plays. His game sense regarding where enemy agents are and how to clear each corner methodically is mesmerizing at times. Regardless of agent utilities like Cypher Traps and Cages or even Smokes, Sinatraa clears every spot of the site, which suffocates Envy’s defensive setups.

Meanwhile, each round win for Envy looked much more difficult in comparison to Sentinels’ victories. And despite Envy’s best efforts, they went down 2-0 after losing to Sentinels 13-7 on Bind.

Both teams looked evenly matched at the start of the third map on Split with the score tied 6-6 at halftime. But the difference-maker for Sentinels would yet again be Sinatraa who showed his mind-boggling decision-making skills against Envy.

On the eighth round, Envy went for a B-site push with 15 seconds remaining on the clock. Knowing that staying alive would guarantee his team the round win, Sinatraa jumped off his advantageous position and went to the back of the spike site where he used all of Raze’s agent abilities to prevent Envy from planting the spike.

Sinatraa continued to dictate the pace of the game by taking control of whichever part of the map he decided to defend or attack. 

On the 18th round of the game, Sinatraa pushed in towards B-tower right when Envy decided to wall off mid. Since the wall had just gone up, he knew Sage was somewhere nearby. And after clearing B-tower with his Showstopper ultimate, he knew the only place she could have hidn was in the smoke outside Mid-vents.

Sentinels would then finish the tournament by winning seven straight rounds against Envy that put an end to the Pop Flash event with a 13-8 score on Split.

With Sentinels winning the final Ignition Series tournament in North America for this year in such convincing fashion, the team was able to prove that they should be considered as the best Valorant team in the world, especially when Sinatraa is playing like the best player in the world.

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